Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson Wiki
Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson Wiki

The Alien Legion was proposed by Lieutenant Colonel Emily Perkins after the successes of her Mavericks team.

It is an alien version of the French Foreign Legion, however, they are not mercenaries. The Alien Legion is comprised of a combined UNEF-Paradise human and Verd-kris military force to support the Ruhar, by doing the dirty jobs the Ruhar didn’t want to or could not do. Perkins' motivation had been mostly to demonstrate to their hamster overlords that humans could be useful and loyal allies. She also was worried that the Expeditionary Force on Paradise was rapidly disintegrating as soldiers, Marines and airmen saw little role for humans in the military.

Major General Jeff Ross either volunteered or was chosen to lead UNEF's effort to set it up. His second in command on the UNEF side is Brigadier General Lynn Bezanson. Burtal Emmit Zaring was Ross’s counterpart for the Verd-kris half of the Legion. It is unknown at this time who leads the Ruhar efforts.

Perkins knew the Legion is not just ten or fifty or a hundred thousand human troops. It’s also the millions of Verd-kris who could potentially be added to the combat power of the Ruhar.  Perkins has got the whole galaxy in an uproar. Everyone was frightened that the strategic math might change. Adding the Verd-kris to the Ruhar strength of arms not only boosts the Ruhar against their traditional enemy the Kristang, it could have long-term effects on the balance of power across the galaxy.

The Alien Legion's first "opportunity' to see action (comprised of the Mavericks, five other UNEF teams, and a dozen or so Verd-kris teams) was at Fresno.[1]

The Legion was later contracted to help the Kristang Achakai mercenary warriors conquer and acquire the planet Stiglord (Squidworld) from the Wurgalan in order to establish themselves as an official clan.[2]

After that, the Kristang Swift Arrow clan contracted the Legion to help take the planet Tohmaran from the Kristang Bright Claws clan. The latter operation failed when two Maxolhx heavy cruisers arrived at the planet and drove away the Ruhar Alien Legion combat support ships.[3]

Due to the actions of the Merry Band of Pirates, the Rindhalu instructed all of its coalition species to sever contact with humans. This led the Legion to disband.[4]

With the Legion disbanded, all humans members of the Legion, except Major General Ross and the members of the the Mavericks, were returned to Paradise. All Verd-kris members of the legion were sent back to their respective worlds. The UNN First Fleet liberated Verd-kris from Kasternul and Rentenoh to begin reforming the Legion.[5]