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Quotes and References

Many different quotes and references to other books occur in these novels.
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(Arisen series written by Michael Stephen Fuchs and Glynn James)

  • In Deathtrap, Jates models his training persona after Master Gunnery Sergeant Fick.

We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

(Bobiverse series written by Dennis E. Taylor)


(Commune series written by Joshua Gayou)

  • In Deathtrap, Jates models his training persona after Marine Staff Sergeant Blake Gibson.


(Foundation series written by Issac Asimov)

  • In Breakaway, Joe asks Skippy is he had a predictive model he could use to guess how the Maxolhx would react to a given action. Skippy responds by saing that he didn't have a "psycho-historical" model. Psychohistory (the amalgam of psychology and history), created by Hari Seldon, depends on the idea that the laws of statistics as applied to large groups of people could predict the general flow of future events.

Grimm Fairy Tales

(Fairy tales written by The Brothers Grimm)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  • In Freefall, after Czajka teases Colter about looking in the mirror, Colter says "I never said I was Goldi freakin’ locks.".

Hansel and Gretel

  • In Zero Hour, when the Pirates are trapped in the Roach Motel, Lt. Williams suggests calling the planet "Gingerbread" after the witch's house that was made out of candy and gingerbread in the fairy tale.

Sleeping Beauty

  • In Mavericks, after Colter shot a protesting Keeper through the thigh with a maser rifle and kicked him in the chin and knocking him unconscious, he referred to the Keeper as "Sleeping Beauty" when directing others that he be brought aboard dropship.
  • In Mavericks, when Renee Giraud and his Spec Ops team were 'rescuing' Keeper from the Kristang destroyer Final Crushing Blow to the Enemy’s Spirit and the Keepers were rendered unconscious, Skippy asks Giraud how the "Sleeping Beauties" were.
  • In Armageddon, the Elder wormhole near Earth that has been dormant for over 80 million years is named "Sleeping Beauty" by Joe.
  • In Freefall, Colter says that he always gets the "Sleeping Beauty" and Snow White fairy tales mixed up.

Snow White

  • In Freefall, Czajka teases Colter saying, "No matter how many times you ask that mirror, you are not the fairest in the land."
  • In Freefall, Colter says that he always gets the Sleeping Beauty and "Snow White" fairy tales mixed up.

Planetside / Spaceside / Colonyside

(Planetside series written by Michael Mammay)

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

(The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy series written by Douglas Adams)

  • In Critical Mass, Skippy says, "Joe, I don’t want to say your homeworld is doomed, but the dolphins just said ‘Thanks for all the fish’.”, which is a reference to the fourth book in the trilogy, "So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish".

The Little Engine That Could

(Children's book written by Wally Piper)

  • In Breakaway, Skippy uses the story as an example of how children's books are not preparing human children for the realities of real life. He says that his first book would be "The Little Engine That Said 'Screw It!'".

The Martian

(2012 Audiobook written by Andy Weir / Narrated by R.C. Bray)

  • On Renegades, Joe mentions listening to the Audiobook "The Martian".