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Dave "Ski" Jacob Czajka is the only Civilian Contractor with the Mavericks.

He was a U.S. Army Sergeant serving with UNEF on Paradise. Prior to joining UNEF, he Deployed to Nigeria with Joseph Bishop and Jesse Colter, his fellow Fire Team soldiers with the 10th Mountain Infantry Division.

He got the nickname "Ski" from his fire team because he was from Polish stock around Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

On Paradise, he was in, then Sergeant, Joe Bishop's Old Fire Team along with Colter.

Czajka and Colter tended a farm together in the Lemuria Province on Paradise after the Ruhar re-took Gehtanu (Paradise/Pradassis) from the Kristang. They obtained the ugliest couch anyone had ever seen, but they loved it.

After Joe "disappeared" when the Ruhar re-took Gehtanu (Paradise/Pradassis) from the Kristang, Czajka, Emily Perkins, Colter and Shauna Jarrett were rounded up by the Ruhar for interrogation because of their association with Joe and to see if they knew what had happened to him.

Along with Perkins, Irene Striebich, Derek Bonsu, Colter and Jarrett, Czajka is recruited by the Merry Band of Pirates posing as a group of Ruhar that Perkins calls Emby (Mysterious Benefactor) to activate Giant TerraWatt MASER Projectors under the surface of Paradise.

Czajka co-owns a brewery in the Lemuria Province on Paradise. Separated from military service with the original intent of operating the brewery.

Czajka became a Civilian Contractor with the Mavericks which allowed him to pursue a serious romantic relationship with Perkins, who is ten years his senior.

Surgun Jates thinks Czajka is kind of an idiot. Jates, though, would trust Czajka with his life any day. Jates thinks Czajka is a fine soldier and decent person. Jates oddly considers Czajka to be his best friend (but never mention that to Czajka because Jates will snap your neck like a dry twig).

Czajka accepted Perkins' proposal and they are currently engaged to be married.