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Columbus Day

As a Major, Emily Perkins was an Intelligence Analyst with the United Nations Expeditionary Force (UNEF) on Paradise.

She is first seen debriefing Sergeant Joseph Bishop after each of his meetings with Deputy Administrator, Baturnah Logellia, who is referred to as the Burgermeister.


After she is detained, along with Dave Czajka, Jesse Colter and Shauna Jarrett, by the Ruhar with regards to questions about Joe Bishop's escape from both Kristang and Ruhar facilities, she is recruited by the Merry Band of Pirates posing as a group of Ruhar she calls Emby (Mysterious Benefactor) to activate Giant TerraWatt MASER Projectors under the surface of Gehtanu. She enlists the help of Irene Striebich, Derek Bonsu, Czajka, Colter and Jarrett to accomplish the mission.

Trouble on Paradise

After she tells the Gehtanu Government about her recent adventures she is invited to the capital city on Gehtanu to be the official UNEF advisor to Baturnah Logellia.

Perkins leads Striebich, Bonsu, Czajka, Colter, Jarrett and newly attached Ruhar liaison Nert Dandurff to accomplish the mission of activating a MASER projector on a tropical island. They thwart a Kristang special forces unit and Shauna Jarrett blows up the island they were on, saving the lives of thirty nine thousand eight hundred and sixty four Ruhar in troops ships.


Perkins is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

The Mavericks are placed in a combat training exercise against Ruhar cadets on a Ruhar-occupied planet. The Mavericks, win the exercise when Perkins "sacrificed" herself by detonating grenades, despite the Ruhar cadet Yellow Team, led by Bift Colhsoon, cheating.

Emily Perkins' team are officially named the Mavericks and she is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

Perkins' push for her team to go to space. The Mavericks are sent on a training exercise with Ruhar cadets and Verd-kris on the decommissioned Destroyer "Ruh Tostella (Toaster)". they are attacked by the Bosphuraq and their clients, the Wurgalan, who have recently decided to take back the space lost by the Thuranin. After most all of the adult crew are killed, Perkins is given command by the last dying adult Ruhar, Urmat (equivalent of a Major) Datha, as she has more experience than the Ruhar cadets onboard. Urmat Datha dies shortly thereafter.

Perkins fends off a failed mutiny by 3rd Year Cadet, Bift Colhsoon, with the aid of their new found Verd-kris ally Surgun Krok-aus-tal Jates. The crew rescues Jeraptha Machinist's Mate Arlon Ernt Dahl of the Jeraptha star carrier, "Deal Me In". Perkins gathers the remaining cadets to effect repairs on the "Toaster" and dock with the "Deal Me In". While docked to the "Deal Me In", Derek Bonsu is able to jump the carrier in near Camp Alpha.

Arlon Ernt Dahl discovered a bioweapon plot from the Kristang against Pradassis and informs Perkins that the Kristang have been testing the bioweapon on Keepers of the Faith. Perkins decides to rescue the Keepers. The Mavericks and Jates kill all the remaining Kristang. Perkins worries that the Mavericks may have become infected by the Keepers and quarantines the Mavericks.

While waiting to see if they get rescued, or worse, a Kristang or Thuranin ship jumps into orbit, Jarrett tells Perkins that she should pursue a relationship with Czajka.

Perkins and her Mavericks are rescued. and head back to Paradise after receiving a vaccine for the bioweapon.

She also pushed for the Jeraptha to send along delegates to accompany the Maxolhx, but when the Maxolhx ships never arrived at the rendezvous point the Maxolhx decided to send a battle group to Earth which causes major trouble for the Merry Band of Pirates.


Perkins, and now Civilian Contractor, Czajka, ten years her junior, become romantically involved.


Perkins proposes to Czajka and now they are engaged.

Critical Mass

Perkins and the Mavericks are saved by Joe Bishop in Valkyrie, meet Emby and learn that he is really Skippy the Magnificent, an Elder AI.



Perkins is promoted to Colonel.