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Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson Wiki

The Esselgin are a Tier 2 species aligned with the Maxolhx coalition, of a tech level comparable to the Thuranin and Bosphuraq. In spite of their development, they are a comparably far younger race than their peers. They also have bragging rights from always having been direct clients of the Maxolhx, never having to suffer millennia as a third-tier species in the coalition.

The Esselgin are described by the Merry Band of Pirates as 'snakes' due to their similarity to salamanders, possessing long and slender humanoid bodies with reptilian features. Apparently such comparisons were made by other species based on legless reptiles which inhabited their worlds. If the Esselgin are patrons of a client species it is not yet known, though based on their stated youth as a space faring culture it may be possible they have not found one.

The Esselgin were known to have tried at least three times to send ships to Roach Motel and the crew of the Flying Dutchman salvaged a few Esselgin starship components from the graveyard to make their star carrier space-worthy again, namely parts to create a new AI operating system for the Dutchman.

So far humanity has yet to come into direct contact with them.

The Elders were an ancient race that disappeared from the Milky Way millions of years ago. Skippy the Magnificent believes they ascended to a higher level of existence.
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Humans on Earth, Avalon & Jiayuguan and the Merry Band of Pirates currently have no patrons or clients, but are looking to achieve alliances with many species. The humans on Paradise, though not technically clients of the Ruhar, are under Ruhar control. The Pirates have a clandestine association with the Jeraptha Ethics and Compliance Office.