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Authors Summary

"While the crew of the UN Expeditionary Force's pirate starship Flying Dutchman are enjoying a luxury vacation cruise (not!), UNEF troops are still stranded on an alien-controlled planet. Major Emily Perkins and her team are busy picking up the pieces, and it's not easy, because there is trouble on Paradise..."

Plot Summary

The section(s) below SCHMAYBE includes Spoilers.

Three days after the maser projector attack on the Kristang battlegroup above Paradise, the Kristang and Ruhar scoured the planet looking for more projector sites to take control of. The Kristang recruited some Keepers of the Faith (humans who remained loyal to the Kristang) to attack a Ruhar projector site near a human village in the Lemuria province. The attack was a complete failure, but it exposed critical flaws in Ruhar ground tactics.

UNEF provided observers to provide advice to the Ruhar on how to fight without air or space support, and more human soldiers were tasked with providing security and isolating the Keepers. Major Emily Perkins and her team (including Irene Striebich, Derek Bonsu, Dave Czajka, Jesse Colter and Shauna Jarrett) were allowed to assist the Ruhar with the reactivation of the last MASER projector, while in space the Kristang frigate "To Seek Glory in Battle is Glorious (Glory)" evaded Ruhar searcher frigates Mem Hertall, Toman and Grathur, while preparing for one final mission.

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Perkins' team was asked to help with one final MASER projector site on Tavalen Island on the other side of Paradise, and they were assigned the Deputy Chief Administrator Baturnah Logellia's nephew, Nert Dandurff as liaison. Meanwhile, thousands of Keepers volunteered to be evacuated from Paradise with the Kristang and traveled with the remnants of the Kristang battlegroup away from the system.

The 39 Commando team of Kristang traveled in secret to the projector site Perkins was assigned to and shot down the Ruhar dropship escorting her team. The 39 Commando team's goal was to destroy two transports in orbit, killing thirty nine thousand eight hundred and sixty four Ruhar in the troop ships, but Perkins' team stopped them by drilling into the MASER projector's power cells and Jarrett set it off, destroying Tavalen Island completely.

When the 39 Commando team failed to meet their rendezvous, the Glory, surrendered to the Ruhar. As a result of the actions of Perkins and her team, opinion of humans among the Ruhar significantly improved, leading now Acting Chief Administrator, Baturnah Logellia, to invite the team to train with Ruhar soldiers and the rest of UNEF getting a more favorable future. Perkins' team get the name Mavericks.