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Originally referred to as Tammy, but hates her first name, Tamara, and prefers to be called by her middle name, Jennifer. She is an original member of the Merry Band of Pirates. Simms was a UNEF logistics officer on Paradise when she was tricked into joining the Pirates by Publicity Stunt Mustang Colonel Joseph Bishop.

She was the logistics Officer aboard the Flying Dutchman.

Notable things done by Colonel Simms are: establishing many, many Hydroponics gardens on the Dutchman, remembering marshmallow fluff directly before the Renegades mission and filling empty boxes with rocks on Paradise to keep up moral throughout the UNEF-Paradise.

Simms also produced a crate of costumes for Skippy the Magnificent for being such an asshole.

Simms was also fills in as the Executive Officer (XO) of the Dutchman during the Renegades mission due to Lt. Col. Chang being detained by the Chinese government on Earth.

Simms became XO of the Valkyrie after Col. Chang returned to the Pirates and took Command of the Dutchman.

Simms almost convinced the Valkyrie's homicidal Maxolhx AI to help the Pirates instead of following its programming and killing everyone.

Simms married Frank Muller during the events of Critical Mass.

She was promoted to full Colonel during the events of Brushfire.

Simms was temporarily the Logistics Officer on Club Skippy.

She re-assumed the position of XO aboard Valkyrie during the events of Breakaway