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Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson Wiki

The section(s) below SCHMAYBE includes Spoilers.

Joe Bishop's Good Ideas

  • Use lead vests, the kind dentists use when they give you X-Rays, to block the signal of any location devices on captured Ruhar soldier.
  • Use a Thuranin nanovirus to take control of a Kristang battle cruiser, and jump it close to two destroyers, then trigger a self-destruct sequence, destroying the cruiser and disabling the destroyer, then jumping the destroyers into the lower atmosphere of a gas giant planet.
  • Faking an Elder Power Tap and Comm Node to trick the Ruhar into staying on Paradise.
  • Send a maser cannon beam through a microwormhole to hit a vulnerable part of a Kristang ship.
  • To plot a jump through a Elder wormhole.
  • Causing the Kristang to get into a civil war to divert their attention away from humans.
  • Using a Dragon dropship ejection system's explosive nanocord to escape being trapped underwater on Gingerbread.
  • Using missiles, microwormholes and a hologram, have Skippy the Magnificent create spacetime ripples that mimic the Guardians' sheering effect to scare off the Maxolhx.
  • Destroy a Maxolhx ship by putting the end of a jump Wormhole on the ship, then attempting to jump it in an Elder Damping Field.
  • Use the event horizon of a wormhole like a bagel slicer to chop up two Maxolhx Extinction-class battlecruiser and one Maxolhx heavy cruiser to create the parts to construct Valkyrie and upgrade the Flying Dutchman.
  • Create a microwormhole within a microwormhole, expand it and jump the ship through.
  • Framing the Bosphuraq for Valkyrie's attacks on the Maxolhx by destroying a Bosphuraq ship and planting Pixies and posing as a rogue Bosphuraq Ghost Ship.
  • Having Skippy create a microwormhole within a microwormhole, expand it and jump Valkyrie through.
  • Escape a Sentinel by using four missiles, each with one end of a microwormhole, out of the system at ninety degree angles to a distance of approximately fifty eight billion kilometers from the ship. Then, when the were out of range of the missiles Sentinel, have Skippy create four microwormholes and send a message through them pretending to be a hostile Elder AI to attract the Sentinel's attention and draw it away.