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Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson Wiki

Surjet Krok-aus-tal Jates is the only Verd-kris on the Mavericks team.

As a Surgun, Jates was serving as an Infantry Drill Sergeant training Ruhar Cadets aboard the Ruhar ship, Ruh Tostella (Toaster) when he met the the Mavericks.

Jates prevented Senior Cadet Bifft Colhsoon and a few of his fellow Cadets from attempting mutiny because of his knowledge of the safety measures on the Ruhar weapons the would-be mutineers stole.

Jates was serving with fellow Verd-kris, Velt Ser-Kotreh Tutula while aboard the Toaster. He was deeply affected by her sacrifice in saving the Mavericks, but did not show it outwardly.

In order to get the Mavericks into better fighting shape, Jates took on the persona of several fictional Human Military characters, which fit extremely well with his disposition. Some of these characters included:

  • Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket
  • Sergeant Apone from Aliens
  • Sergeant Hulka from Stripes
  • Sergeant Roger Zim from Starship Troopers
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant Fick from Arisen
  • Marine Staff Sergeant Blake Gibson from Commune

Jates has had many misadventures with Dave Czajka during his time serving with the Mavericks. Jates thinks Czajka is kind of an idiot. Jates, though, would trust Czajka with his life any day. Jates thinks Czajka is a fine soldier and decent person. Jates oddly considers Czajka to be his best friend (but never mention that to Czajka, puny human, because Jates will snap your neck like a dry twig).

When he met Skippy the Magnificent towards the end of the events described in Critical Mass, he was so outraged after finding out that Skippy was an Elder AI, calls him a toaster and tried to tear off Skippy's lid and take a big stinky Lizard dump in his can.

Jates was promoted to Surjet.