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Margaret Adams is a no nonsense Marine Gunnery Sergeant who is first seen on Paradise in the Kristang Prison. She is an original member of the Merry Band of Pirates

Adams is a hardcore marine who can keep up with the Spec Ops Teams and does, on multiple occasions[1] until her qualification for a STAR team[2]

Modern history

Colonel Joseph Bishop rescues Staff Sergeant Adams from a Kristang Prison during his own breakout. Adams had been tortured and stripped naked by the Kristang because, like Joe, she had refused to kill Ruhar civilians. She was described as having ugly scars on her back from the Kristang torture for being a woman.[3]

Joe proceeded to clothe her with the uniform from Major Cochrane's remains. She thanks Joe but states 'I'd rather be free than in here'.[3]

She actually gives Joe a "pep" talk when he downplays his theater rank of Colonel; responding by saying he's full of shit and the rank is an advantage given by UNEF and not the Kristang.

Adams was almost sick after Joe beat a Kristang prison officer to death after catching it by surprise. She then kicks the corpse after recognizing it as her torturer.

They then both rescue Fal Desai and Chang Kong.

Carried Skippy the Magnificent into the Thuranin Advanced Research Directorate (ARD) station. Went to Paradise with Joe to aid Skippy (who was posing as Emby to Major Emily Perkins and her team).[4]

Went to the surface of Kobamik[5]

Went with Joe into Elder ruins to help find a comm node for Skippy.[6]

Joe gave her a promotion to Gunnery Sergeant.[6]

Proceeded to perform a spine transplant on Hans Chotek to give him a new backbone and to take risks when Joe wanted to take Skippy to the broken Elder Sentinel to look for a conduit that would help Skippy defeat the AI Worm.

Everyone starts referring to her as 'Gunny'.[7]


Adams constantly gave "Pep talks" to notable characters such as Joe, Skippy, as well as performing a Spine transplant on Hans Chotek.

Lamar Greene

Lamar Greene and Adams had a romantic and physical relationship while serving together in the USMC prior to joining UNEF. They were stationed at Pendleton together, then Greene transferred to Third MEF. In Okinawa. Adams requested a transfer, but then Columbus Day happened.

Air transport was limited, the internet went down and then wasn’t reliable. They both shipped out to Paradise, but on separate ships. When they landed, they kept in touch by zPhone. While Greene was stuck on Okinawa after Columbus Day, he had a relationship with a civilian (Adams hadn’t exactly been celibate either). Adams requested a transfer to Okinawa, but she had second thoughts about it.

Adams did go visit Greene's parents in El Paso once, after the Pirates returned to Earth from Newark. Adams had not mentioned Lamar Greene to Skippy more than a half dozen times in the years she had been with the Pirates. Adams had not been pining away for Greene. By the time Greene had come aboard Valkyrie with the Commandos, Adams hadn’t seen him for a long time, it was natural that they were happy to meet again.

Whatever Joe's very personal misgivings about Lamar Greene being with the Pirates, Joe had to admit he was a stand-up guy.

Greene and Adams spend time together, rekindling their friendship during the events of Critical Mass, but have yet to rekindle their romantic relationship. Greene definitely wants to, but Adams is hesitant.

Joseph Bishop

Bishop and Adams had a friendly relationship, Joe often uses Adams as a sounding board for his ideas when he's hit a brick wall. When she shows concern at the treatment of Kristang female corpses during the Q ship mission Joe promises they'll be dealt with empathy.[5]

Adams is severely wounded at the end of Armageddon. Adams and Joe were very flirty during that time, but nothing has come from the continuously building tension between them. During the events of Valkyrie, Adams asks Joe to find a way for them to have a relationship that doesn't go against military regulations.

During the events of Brushfire, she and Joe begin a romantic relationship.