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Nagatha developed from a communication sub-mind left by Skippy the Magnificent in a Thuranin listening post.[2]

The sub-mind was left for months sifting Thuranin communication data, this was to determine if they were sending another ship to Earth whilst the Merry Band of Pirates went to Paradise to aid the humans settled there.

Black Ops

Upon Dutchman's return to the listening post the crew were visiting to practice zero gravity drills and to get off the ship they noticed something was trying to communicate.[3]

At first Skippy tried to prevent Nagatha from communicating with the crew as the sub-mind had developed beyond its original programming.

Zero Hour

Colonel Joseph Bishop asked Nagatha to go into Skippy's can to try and find him, she created a communication channel for him.

She was placed into storage in Skippy's internal matrix during these events as he didn't have the capability to keep her running.[4]


Upon her own and Joe's insistence Skippy eventually allowed her contact with the crew. They liked her attitude way more than Skippy's, this may be due to her being designed for communication.

This may have been the reason for Skippy creating his Jedi holographic avatars including Skippy wan Kenobi and Grand Admiral of the Fleet Skippy.

Nagatha has been seen to have some influence on Skippy's actions causing him to consider peoples feelings more before doing what ever he wanted.

Nagatha's voice is very similar to Chef Julia Child (pictured).