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Newark Is a planet located in Kristang/Thuranin space. Newark's star system is mostly unremarkable, the only astronomical bodies that are of interest are Newark itself and a gas giant that goes by the unofficial name "Skippy the Magnificent's Garage and Gas Station / Pizzeria"


Newark is barely habitable this is because of its elliptical orbit that periodically sends Newark into an ice age, 10% of the surface thaws during summer around the equator and is the only habitable land that does not require extremely specialized survival equipment. Also, Newark has a thin oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere equivalent to 10,000 feet elevation on Earth (which may be due to oxygen being trapped in the ice) as well as 14% higher gravity than Earth.


Millions of years ago Newark had a circular orbit in the Goldilocks zone of its star. This meant that the planet's temperature was stable and much warmer than it is today, This allowed complex life forms to evolve and grow and eventually lead to an intelligent bronze age civilization to arise.

2.7 million years ago, Newark's orbit was altered by Elder level technology. It was pushed into its current elliptical orbit which lead to almost all surface life going extinct. 

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At the same time, an Elder spaceship crashed onto the surface of Newark. it is unclear whether the ship was the cause of the event or was itself a victim. In book 6 it is found out that the AI on the ship did kill off Newark. Skippy says that Newark will become habitable in 22 million years.

Newark was also not the first planet that had an intelligent species purged. Four of the AIs (including Skippy) agreed that the continuing Genocide was not called for. This is the event that caused the 7 awoken AIs to disagree and clash resulting in the virus being activated in the 4 "rogue" AIs. This led to three AIs' deaths attempting to help beat his worm as he was physically closest to Newark, this started a second war between opposing beliefs which affected all AIs (and presumably is the time when Skippy crashed into Paradise).