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Paradise to the Humans, Pradassis to the Kristang and Gehtanu to the Ruhar. Gehtanu translates to New Green Field. Paradise is an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, with the oxygen being slightly higher than what humans are used to.[1]


The gravity of the planet is 2% higher than Earth's gravity. Paradise's sun is hotter the Earth's sun however, it is further away evening things out. Paradise's surface is made up of one large continent, a few island chains and a couple of other landmasses around the size of Greenland. There are a number of tropical island with white sand beaches[2] which also host a range of predatory sea creatures.


The large continent is separated into several regions.

Sergeant Joe Bishop's fire team was assigned to Teskor Village in a region named Lesscorta (which Lt. Charles referred to as Butt-scratch-istan because the region to the North was called Back-scratch-istan by UNEF). It is about a tenth of the main continent. It was mostly farmland, flat farmland, with some low ridges running north-south, rivers and lakes here and there. The seacoast was off to the West, the Space Elevator base station somewhere off to the Southeast.[1]

Lemuria, where the Ruhar isolated most of the UNEF human population after they reacquired Gehtanu, is located in the southern part of the continent. It is more of a jungle environment, but still capable of supporting crops.[2]


Tavalen Island was where the Mavericks went to in order to activate last maser projector. The Kristang 39 Commando team had gotten there first, Shauna Jarrett booby-trapped the maser projector from below to explode if the 39 Commando team tried to activate it. When the 39 Commando team tried doing just that, the maser projector exploded, taking the island with it.[2]

Kristang History

Gehtanu is known as Pradassis to the Kristang. The Black Trees clan originally settled on Paradise after finding an Elder PowerTap, they protected their investment with a grid of subterranean maser projectors.[3] Once they were done, they left the planet.

The Ruhar settled the planet for many generations; after a wormhole shift, The White Wind clan rented out UNEF to the Swift Arrow clan who wanted conquer the planet.

Human Occupation

Due to a prion based plague, Humans under UNEF were used to occupy the planet until the Ruhar inhabitants could be evacuated by barge.

Joe's fire team is first assigned to Teskor Village in the Lesscorta Region as an Embedded Observation Force.

Ruhar Re-Occupation

During the events of UNEF's occupation of Paradise the Ruhar harass the Kristang forces in orbit. They destroy Fort Arrow, a UNEF stronghold, with orbital railgun strikes.

The Ruhar proceed to try landing forces nearby in Whale dropships, using the massdriver nearby Joe Bishop uses a Zinger missile to destroy two Whale dropships and killing nearly 2,000 Ruhar soldiers.

All UNEF humans were relocated to Lemuria Province in the Southern Region of the major continent.