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There are many different places in the events of Expeditionary Force



Argathos is one of the most well-defended planets in the Maxolhx Coalition. The Maxolhx have an extensive facility there, for researching advanced technologies.[1]



Avalon is Humanity's Beta Site backup plan. It is located in the Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy[2], a satellite of the Milky Way and is located about 290,000 light-years away from the Solar System.[3]



Azqueth is a Thuranin planet with a shipyard that was used as the first testing ground for UNN 1st and 2nd Fleets without Skippy's help. The ship yard was destroyed along with nine enemy ships.[1]



Barsoom Is the 4th Planet in a yellow dwarf star system located in Wurgalan/Bosphuraq space and is currently occupied by the Wurgalan after the Bosphuraq seized it from the Kristang. It currently has a small Military outpost and a Habitation dome that covers an Elder site.[4]



Baspent is a Bosphuraq system that was used as the second testing ground for UNN Fleet without Skippy's help. It's the second planet from the star. It is nothing special, mostly desert. Admiral Zhao did not ignore the juicy target of a battlecruiser, two cruisers, two light cruisers, two fleet support ships, four destroyers and five frigates, that were near a gas giant, about three lighthours from Baspent. He attacked those ships first. The entire Navy went in, with destroyers surrounding the enemy force, wrapping them in a damping field.[1]

Camp Alpha

Camp Alpha.jpg

Camp Alpha is the planet Joe was sent here with the rest of UNEF to train in the use of weapons and tactics. Later on, the Kristang sent Keepers of the Faith there as test subjects for a bioweapon the Kristang developed and tested.[5]

Club Skippy / Jiayuguan (FOB Jaguar)

Club Skippy.jpg

Originally, Club Skippy was the training site where the STAR Team and Commandos prepared for the rescue mission on Rikers.[3] It was renamed Jiayuguan and made a Forward Operating Base (FOB), but it is referred to as FOB Jaguar by the Americans, British, Indians and French.[6]



Detroit is the ultra-secure facility where the Maxolhx produced PSQIs (Pixies). The Pirates were able to steal pixies from the facility.[7]



Earth is the home planet of the Humans. At the start of the series, the Ruhar attacked Earth by targeting its infrastructure and industry. Soon afterwards the Kristang White Wind clan 'save' the planet, making its native species their clients.[5]



Feznako is the planet the Mavericks and the rest of the Alien Legion evacuate the Kristang on the planet so that the Ruhar could take over. The Mavericks call the planet Fresno.[8]



Funandeng is a planet that was technically was under the control of the Bosphuraq, but in reality it still belonged to the Jeraptha, and the billions of Jeraptha citizens living on the surface simply refused to cooperate in their oppression. The planet was liberated by the ECO using the ships they had stolen from the Jeraptha Regional Patrol and masquerading as Admiral Chatterji of the United Nations Second Fleet.[1]


Roach Motel.jpg

Gingerbread is a planet located in the Roach Motel star system. It is shielded even from within the star system because the stealth field distorts any visual images inside the system. It has a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere and a mass 0.3% greater than Earth.[4]



Globakus is a Kristang planet that the Verd-kris and Alien Legion take action against in support of the Verd-kris efforts to re-intergrate their society to the old ways.[1]



Jellaxico is an Earth-like planet, if Earth’s crust had significantly more rare metals, was larger, had thirteen percent higher gravity, and circled the local orange dwarf star on an elliptical orbit that took it from the middle to the outer edge of the habitable ‘Goldilocks’ zone. Also the level of free oxygen was eight percent less than Earth normal.[9]



Jumbo is the site of a SpecOps mission to recover a Elder Power Tap from a Thuranin Advanced Research Directorate (ARD) research station. Gravity is 40% higher than Earth and has a non-breathable atmosphere.[10]



Kasternul is a Verd-kris planet with two billion Verd-kris and 700 thousand Ruhar. The First Fleet liberated the Verd-kris and asked for volunteers to join the Alien Legion.[1]



Klopeth is a planet that the Alien Legion rolled into, after they finished mopping up at Nickelback.[1]



Kobamik is a Kristang planet that is sort of a "United Nations" world for the Kristang. The top three Kristang Clans (Black Trees, Fire Dragon and Swift Tail) have a significant presence there. Kobamik is the planet where The Merry Band of Pirates initiated the Kristang Civil War.[10]



Lacandra is a Maxolhx world that has been enviroformed to suit the Maxolhx. The Merry Band of Pirates sent a solar flare towards the planet using relativistic darts they had stolen from the Maxolhx.[1]



Mardasta is the location of the Jeraptha Regional Patrol that consisted of twenty-two ships. Captain Scorandum and the ECO stole fifteen of the ships while making it appear that the entire fleet was destroyed.[1]



Maris is stealthed gas giant that Skippy detected in the Avalon system in the Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy.[3] The Pirates approached the planet in Valkyrie. Valkyrie and Skippy were almost destroyed during the encounter. Due to Skippy's "awesomeness", the Pirates survived. Skippy discovered and retrieved a large cache of Elder Weapons. Maris is named after the oft-mentioned, unseen (hidden) character of Maris Crane in Fraiser.[11]



Nahkellbik ( nicknamed Nickleback) was originally a Ruhar Federation world but was occupied by the Wurgalan and guarded by Bosphuraq. The planet had been captured by the Bosphuraq with the Thuranin's help when they were forced to work together. The planet was liberated by the UNN and the newly re-formed Alien Legion.[1]



Newark was the temporary home for several months of The Merry Band of Pirates while Skippy repaired the Flying Dutchman. Originally home to a long-dead ancient civilization.[12]



Notol is the next planet outward from Paradise. It is a grayish-blue gas giant like Neptune, but smaller.[13]


Dead Moon.jpg

It was on a destroyed moon, which orbited the innermost planet in the Nowheresville system that the Merry Band of Pirates discovered the ancient remains of an Elder[7].

Ollivar's World

Ollivar's World.jpeg

Ollivar's World, formerly called Jamandra, is one of the Jeraptha's Big Five industrial worlds. The major components of Jeraptha jump drives are manufactured there. It is a fabulously wealthy planet. It was renamed Ollivar's World after Whanevu Ollivar, a salvage equipment dealer from the Jeraptha planet, Bintondi, won a prop bet that Humans were actually operating the Ghost Ship and not the Bosphuraq as was previously assumed.[6]

Oort Cloud

Oort Cloud.jpg

A spherical shell of cometary bodies believed to surround a star system far beyond the orbits of the outermost planets and from which some are dislodged when perturbed to fall toward the star. It is the region where star carriers generally meet their cargo.[5]

Orbital Station


Attached to the Space Elevator on top of Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador, Earth, it is used to provide an anchor in space to stabilize the Space Elevator. It is also used as a staging area to transfer troops and equipment to waiting Spacecraft.[5]

Paradise / Gehtanu / Pradassis

Paradise planet.jpg

Paradise is where UNEF was sent by the Kristang Swift Arrow clan to occupy and oversee the evacuation of the Ruhar population. Is is referred to as Gehtanu by the Ruhar and Pradassis by the Kristang.[5]

Ragnar Anchorage

Ragnar Anchorage.jpg

Ragnar Anchorage Station was a Maxolhx Safe Harbor... a Semi-Automated Servicing Station 17 is deep in Rindhalu territory. It was set up suring the Rindhalu-Maxolhx War. The Maxolhx had been cut off from it for 900 years. The Merry Band of Pirates comandeered the station. The station was used to upgrade the UNN First Fleet.[1]

Rahkarsh Diweln / Rakesh Diwalen / Rikers

Rakesh Diwalen.jpg

Rahkarsh Diweln/Rakesh Diwalen is the Kristang planet the Merry Band of Pirates refer to as Rikers. It was the location where human children and adults from Earth were abducted and taken to be used for creating and testing bio-weapons. It is also the planet that Joe was detained by the Thuranin after Skippy disappeared.[3].



Rentenoh was the objective of the 2nd Fleet under Admiral Chatterji, was another Verd-kris world located on a dead-end wormhole. Rentenoh was truly in the middle of nowhere.[1]



Retonovir is the Maxolhx star system where the mass drivers were produced. The shipyard was attacked by the Merry Band of Pirates as an opening slavo in retaliation for the Maxolhx annexation of Jupiter and the danger their devices placed the Earth..[1]

Roach Motel / Hotel California

Roach Motel.jpg

The Roach Motel is a star system where ships enter but do not leave, hence the name. It held great significance to the Elders because they placed Guardians there to protect the system. There is a dead Sentinel and a stealthed gas giant (named Vera) in the system.[4] When Skippy partially regained his memories, he remembered that there are dozens of Roach Motels throughout the Milky Way that provide power to the Galactic Shield.[14]

Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy


The Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy (also known as Sculptor Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy or the Sculptor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy, and formerly as the Sculptor System) is a dwarf spheroidal galaxy that is a satellite of the Milky Way. Humanity's beta site, Avalon, is located there.



Senatoss is the star system where the Maxolhx ships which delivered the mass drivers to Jupiter were based. Many Maxolhx military facilities are dispersed throughout the system.[1]



The Flying Dutchman had jumped in way outside the Slingshot system, with its jump signature tuned to look like a Maxolhx ship. They were in the Kuiper Belt of the star system, waiting for Skippy to hack into a Maxolhx sensor network that surrounded the star.[3]



Slithin is a rocky planet about the size of Venus. It has a thin atmosphere and is basically a dead world. Plate tectonic activity had ceased there a billion years ago, locking the thick crust into a solid, stable mass. The crust is heavy in metals like iron, making the surface tough and thick. The Thuranin had a bioweapons research base there.[6]



Snowcone is a gas giant in the system that Valkyrie was ambushed by the one thousand six hundred Maxolhx strong fleet commanded my Senior Admiral Reichert. Valkyrie hid within Snowcone's dense atmosphere.[6]



Stiglord is a Wurgalan planet the Kristang mercenary Achakai hired Mavericks and the Alien Legion to help conquer and acquire in order to become an officially recognized clan (the Shining Dagger clan). The Mavericks refer to the planet as "Squidworld".[9]

The Dead Worlds


Some of these planets were destroyed in the Elder Civil War and the Elder AI war. Some of these are also planets formerly inhabited by the Rindhalu and Maxolhx before the latter started a war between the species by launching a sneak attack.[3]



Tohmaran is a Kristang Bright Claw clan-controlled planet that the Swift Arrow clan contracted the Alien Legion's help to acquire. The Mavericks went to surrender to the Maxolhx battle group above this planet.[11]



Vera is stealthed gas giant that Skippy detected in the Roach Motel. Skippy assumes that the Elders hid it for some unknown reason. Vera is named after the oft-mentioned, unseen (hidden) character of Vera Peterson in Cheers.[4]



Waterloo is the planet the Flying Dutchman went to in order to help Skippy see if his memories were accurate. It was also in the system where the Dutchman was trapped in by a Sentinel for over three weeks.<ref=":10 />