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R.C. Bray is the voice artist and narrator of all the Expeditionary Force Audio Books, as well as providing the voices for Skippy the Magnificent and Joseph Bishop in the Expeditionary Force: Homefront Audio Drama.

A fan favorite, R.C. Bray has narrated over 300 audiobooks. He is the recipient of multiple industry awards including his Audie Award-winning performance of Andy Weir’s The Martian which continues to help make it one of the best-selling audiobooks of all time.

From outer space to the Old West, narrator R. C. Bray is an expert guide. He switches settings as seamlessly as he switches characters. His extraordinary range takes in stories about human kindness and barbarism in Glacier National Park or a Vietnam combat veteran’s struggle to cope with life at home or a fantastical story about giants, bigfoot babies, and dragons.

He has participated in ensemble, multi-voiced, and full-cast productions, many of which have won awards, and is a multiple Audie, Voice Arts, AudioFile Earphones, and Independent Audiobook Award winner. Bray has been named an AudioFile “Best of the Year” narrator in Fiction for “The Reason You’re Alive” by Matthew Quick (2017).

When he performs a mystery, Bray's impeccable timing and cadence keep listeners hanging on his every word. In Bradford Morrow’s whodunit "The Forgers", Bray opens up a world of high-end forgery with perfect pacing and a professional voice artist’s subtlety. Bray understands his characters and consistently hits the dramatic, shocking, or humorous notes expertly. In Walter Wager’s thriller "58 Minutes: The Basis for Die Hard 2", Bray adds to the excitement as his broadcaster's voice gives a play-by-play of the heroics. Bray also shines in the horror genre, notably in his work on Craig Dilouie’s grisly tale "Suffer the Children", where a disease converts children into bloodthirsty parasites. His fatalistic narration edges listeners toward uncomfortable revelations and unspeakable acts done in the name of parental love.

His work within the science fiction genre is always something more than caricature. In "Hell Divers", he handles split points-of view, still maintaining and building character. In Michael Mammay’s sci-fi tale "Planetside", an Audie finalist and Earphones Award winner, Bray provides a riveting listen, while in his Earphones Award- and Independent Audiobook Award-winning narration of Dean F. Wilson’s "The Coilhunter Chronicles: Omnibus (Books 1–3)", he juggles several distinct voices throughout the three books set in the Wild North.

Bray is just as at home in Keith Marcotti’s children’s fantasy "Falling Through Blankets of Stars", taking listeners into a fantastical world that is home to remarkable dragons, giants, and bigfoot babies.

Bray’s husky baritone and smooth delivery are also a terrific match for Clarence E. Mulford’s 1908 seminal western "Bar-20: A Hopalong Cassidy Novel", and the others in the series. Bray’s rough-and-tumble voice and characterizations fit the period.

Bray gives vocal differentiation to his characters, making conversations and events easy to follow, no matter the genre. His voice can be youthful and appealing or tough-as-nails.

When not skiing black diamonds backwards, enthralling onlookers with his parkour skills, and charging hard in the North Shore, R.C. can be found spinning yarns to make himself sound so much cooler than he truly is. He lives in New England with his gorgeous wife and three beautiful children.

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