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We are first introduced to the rules in ExForce 1: Columbus Day.

"Then we got The Rules."

Joseph Bishop, ExForce 1: Columbus Day.

These five rules are enforced by the Rindhalu and Maxolhx on their client species in their proxy wars for a number of different reasons.

The Basis of the rules is that the Maxolhx and the Rindhalu couldn't afford to seriously fight each other without destroying themselves in the process.

These rules were shown by UNEF on PowerPoint slides.[1]

Rule 1

Rule one is that under no circumstances that must be no use of Nukes or any radiological weapons, on or near any inhabited planet, or any potentially habitable planet.

This also applies to anti-matter as it produces hard radiation that is short lived.

This was produced as the Rindhalu and Maxolhx view habitable planets that are within jump distance of a wormhole are rare.

Rule 2

No chemical weapons are allowed, they can have long lasting effects in an environment.

Joe thinks this might also imply that "species must sweep there trash up after themselves when they leave a planet"

Rule 3

No nanotechnology based weapons.

Nanotechnology is incredibly useful for making things, the Kristang had an ancient rumor of nanotech getting out of control in a star system causing it to be quarantined, permanently.

Rule 4

No biological weapons, this rule as Joe describes it is "a little sketchy" as bacteria and viruses can mutate naturally and who was to say if it was artificial or not. The Kristang stated that the Ruhar were notorious for pushing the limits on Rule 4.

This is the only rule that scared Joe as the Kristang weren't sharing their medical technology.

Skippy broke this rule and created a Prion based disease that would only effect Kristang on Paradise, this led to humans being used to remove the Ruhar population.[2]

Rule 5

No dropping rocks as this can destroy the conditions that make a planet habitable. This can also be applied to continuous railgun fire as it created dust which can change a planets environment.