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Science Team

The science team of the Merry Band of Pirates were assigned by UNEF on Earth. The team is partly comprised of Aerospace Engineers, Archeologists, Astrophysicists, Biologists, Electrical Engineers, Geologists, Mechanical Engineers and Physicians among others.

In the early months, most of the science team were not happy with how things were going. They were more interested in going to investigate new worlds than being concerned with the dangers involved. Once they experienced the many battles the Pirates were involved in and the dire circumstances that usually resulted, they soon fell in line.

The science team's first leader, Dr. Venkman, was intolerant of Colonel Joseph Bishop. The team's current leader, Dr. Mark Friedlander is perfectly suited to the position. Besides being extremely intelligent, he is personable and gets along with most everyone. He usually starts his meetings with a joke. By his own admission, he is a nerd, which helped a great deal when the worm was attacking Nagatha. His nerdiness allowed him to decode Nagatha's messages.

There have been many scientists on the team who have made valuable contributions. For example, Dr. Graziano discovered the ancient species on Newark.

Past and Present members:
Dr. Venkman Dr. Zheng Dr. Kassner Dr. Rouse
Dr. Suarez Dr. Tanaka Dr. Mark Friedlander Dr. Graziano
Dr. Mesker Dr. Sarah Rose Dr. Reinfall Jhanvi Anand
Frank Muller