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Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson Wiki

Humans (Merry Band of Pirates)


Skippy has the ability to create micro-wormholes. The micriowormholes can be anchored between Skippy and a stealthed non-explosive missile at a desired location or between two stealthed missiles. Through these microwormholes, he and the Pirates use the Skippy-tel Communications Network to communicate with each other in real-time over very long distances without the usual delay of light speed in normal spacetime. Skippy sends a tight focused laser, that is less than the width of a human hair, through the microwormhole. They also use the network to monitor the actions of other shipd. Another way, the microwormholes are used is to strike a target with a maser cannon before the enemy ship notices or can move out of the way.


Terrestrial Dome Shielding

Seen in ExForce 4: Black Ops this technology is used in two layers to protect vital military establishments on Kristang held planets.



Paraphrasing the description used by Skippy the Magnificent, a nano-virus is a method of entangling and later rearranging atoms and molecules to create Nanites capable of taking control of computer systems.

The main method of propagating the virus appears to be from ships docking with Thuranin Star-Carriers designed to introduce the virus.

Thuranin Door Handles

They apparently work off a non-metallically induced form of magnetism and are described as having a similar functional design to how the Dutchman's Reactors maintain containment.

Thuranin Food / Sludge "Smoothie" Synthesizers

It is unknown how Thuranin food synthesisers work, they may use a similar method to the Nano-Virus but instead of creating nanites they make complex proteins, amino acids and sugars. or they might use batches of specially designed bacteria with photosythetic attributes in order to make the components for sludges out of light


Astro-Chromotological Device

According to Skippy, when trying to investigate the star system dubbed the "Roach Motel" the Maxolhx tried to employ a device capable of slightly altering the chemical output of the system's star to send a form of "Morse signal" to research stations waiting outside the system.

Cybernetically-Controlled Resonance Field

Used by the Maxolhx to induce personal levitation aboard their ships.

Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) Focusers

Used by the Maxolhx to decrease the effect of GRB and focus the burst in a specific direction when jumping into combat zones. This reduces the opposition's ability to pinpoint the location of the ship that just jumped in.

Paired Quantum State Interchangers (PQSIs or "Pixies")

Used for secure communications throughout the Maxolhx hegemony. Since Joe Bishop thinks that calling them Paired Quantum State Interchangers (PQSI) is more than a mouthful, the MBoP refer to them as "Pixies".

Kinetic Weapons

There is another type of kinetic weapons used by the Maxolhx other than relativistic impactors. These are relativistic darts. The Maxolhx have many of these darts flying around the galaxy at relativistic speeds around seventy-three percent of the speed of light. These darts also have jump drives which their onboard AIs control when given a target to hit. The darts travel in clusters of ten to thirty darts.


Damping Field Nullifiers

Used by the Rindhalu to escape being trapped in any damping field. It is known by the Maxolhx that the Rindhalu possess this technology because it something they were unable to steal from them. While the Maxolhx had only vague guesses about how they worked, the antennas could create a local effect to cancel a damping field, allowing Rindhalu ships to jump away even when trapped in a damping effect. Maxolhx tactics called for ships to rapidly close with the enemy to increase the strength of the damping, and multiple ships should target one of the enemy. The current theory was that the antennas created a very local area of especially flat spacetime, but the effect was so localized, it could not be verified.

Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) Nullifiers

Similar to the ones used by the Maxolhx, Rindhalu ships pop into existence with a subtle flare of gamma rays that is detectable only when those photons crash into stray atoms of the local solar wind. Such ships have the ability to direct most of the gamma rays back into the jump wormhole, so that instead of appearing to emerge from a visually-disturbing rip in spacetime, the ships were suddenly just there. Rindhalu technology also recovers much quicker from the distortion effect of transition through a wormhole, or they have a way of isolating themselves from the distortion in a way that Maxolhx science could only guess at. In fact, the Rindhalu are rumored to have an ability for their ships to emerge from a jump fully cloaked in a stealth field, so the existence of such a ship can only be inferred by its effect on nearby particles. That ability is only a rumor, for no Maxolhx ship has survived to confirm their enemy possesses such troubling technology.