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For the ease of those reading this Wiki the technology levels within the Expeditionary Force series will be Tiered on a scale of 0 - 5.

Tier 0: Extra-Galactic travel

Elder Technology is incredibly complex; so complex that tier 1 species such as the Rindhalu and Maxolhx have great difficulty in or cannot reverse engineer it. A lot of Elder technology exploits Higher Spacetime, which the species of the Milky Way are currently unable to access.

The Elders have been known to be able to move planets and solar bodies at will to make solar systems more habitable and/or useful. This can be seen in the planetary systems of the planet Newark.

The Elders created a Galactic Shield and Wormhole Network, including Super-Duty wormholes that allowed them to jump outside the confines of the Milky Way.

The Elders are known to have placed stealth shields around gas giant planets to hide them. This can be evidenced at the Roach Motel and the planetary system of Avalon.

Elder level technology has been shown to be able to remove perfectly spherical portions of planetary materials from moons upwards for 10 km wide.

Examples of these technologies are:- Elder AI's; such as Skippy the Magnificent and the Dead Elder AI canister found on Newark. These AI's live outside of normal space and have some control over the local space they inhabit. There are numerous examples of Skippy controlling the local space and warping space/time. One extremely powerful use of this is the creation of micro wormholes which have been used for communication and even firing masers through.

Communication Node: Communications nodes were used by the Elders for super-luminal communications across the galaxy. The communication network is currently inactive/destroyed.

Power tap: A piece of technology that releases energy at a constant rate that never runs out, these are incredibly useful pieces of technology that wars that been fought over by lower tier races.

Sentinels: Weapons initially designed to prevent civilisations from becoming too advanced and threatening the Galactic Shield

Guardians: Swarming, autonomous, intelligent craft protecting high-value Elder systems such as the Roach Motel

Wormhole Controller Modules: A device that communicates with wormholes allowing them to be moved and turned off or on at will.

More Elder Technology...

Tier 1: Intragalactic travel

These species are the most technologically advanced present in the galaxy at the present time.

They can and have previously used Elder technology against each other., this almost led to their downfall after Elder Sentinels noticed and almost wiped them both out. This is why they use all other species in a proxy war.[1]

The Rindhalu were the first species to develop its interstellar jump drives and originally took the Maxolhx on as a client species.

Developed a lot of their technology by reverse engineering Rindhalu tech.

Tier 2: Unsupported Interstellar travel

The following species are capable of long jumps with their jump drives. They all have their own client species which they "carry" between wormhole transits. All of these species are capable of traveling vast interstellar distances if they require.[1]





Tier 3: Supported Interstellar travel

Although all of the species below could be class as Tier 3 but they aren't all on the same technological level. For example the Kristang aren't as technologically advanced as the Ruhar or Torgalau, but they are more advanced than the Wurgalan.

Although all of these species have FTL technology they can only use it for short hops from one place to another. Skippy points out that they actually travel slower than the speed of light due to the time taken to recharge between jumps.[2]

They rely upon their patrons to use carrier ships to take them to and from wormholes.

The Kristang are stated to not have artificial gravity on their space ships. They also have the ability to create space elevators that use energy to deliver a platform into space. [1]

The Kristang use nano technology in their armored suits to seal breaches.[3]

The Ruhar are seen to have the material sciences research to make space elevators that use cables.[1] They also detest killing animals for food so grow their meat with an artificial nervous systems. The Ruhar use handheld masers in combat situations and have advanced energy projection technology.

Ruhar also posses mass driver technology to deliver ground based material to space.[1]



Tier 4: Pre-Planetary travel

Pre-Columbus Day humanity.

Cars, Factories, Nuclear Fission Reactors, Aircraft, Rudimentary Spacecraft and Nuclear Weapons.


Tier 5: Pre-Industrial

The inhabitants of Newark were at this level.[3]