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‘A’ Company of the 1st Battalion, 125th Spaceborne Cavalry Brigade, the company commonly known as the ‘Mavericks’ are a team currently under the jurisdiction of UNEF at FOB Jaguar. When they initially formed, they were under the jurisdiction of the Ruhar (on Paradise) and UNEF-Paradise, lead by former UNEF Intelligence Officer, the level-headed and intelligent Colonel Emily Perkins.

Current Members

Emily Perkins Irene Striebich Shauna Jarrett Krok-aus-tal Jates
Dave Czajka Derek Bonsu Jesse Colter Nert Dandurff

The section(s) below SCHMAYBE includes Spoilers.

ExForce 3: Paradise

The team were brought together by Skippy the Magnificent (posing as Emby, their Mysterious Benefactor), Colonel Joseph Bishop, and the Merry Band of Pirates to reactivate hidden maser projectors under the surface of Paradise to destroy Admiral Kekrando's fleet that threatened the planet. The team at that time consisted of Emily Perkins, Dave Czajka, Jesse Colter, Shauna Jarrett, Irene Striebich, and Derek Bonsu.

ExForce 3.5: Trouble on Paradise

The Mavericks are joined by Ruhar cadet Nert Dandurff and are tasked by the Ruhar government with assisting with reactivating the last dormant maser projector on Tavalen Island to continue to protect Paradise from the Kristang. However, they end up foiling a Kristang special operations team's plan to take back the planet as well, during which Shauna blows up Tavalen Island.

ExForce 6: Mavericks

The Mavericks, along with Nert, are now on a Ruhar training ship, the Ruh Tostella, along with Verd-kris Surgun Krok-aus-tal Jates and Velt Ser-Kotreh Tutula, and Jeraptha, Arlon Ernt Dahl. When the ship is suddenly attacked, the team, with the assistance of several cadets, takes the ship to a nearby planet, which just happens to be Camp Alpha, where a group of Kristang are still holding several humans, who are Keepers of the Faith, to conduct bio-weapons research. The team raids the base, rescuing the humans and retrieving data that, unbeknownst to them, Skippy uses to develop a vaccine against the bio-weapon. However, Velt Tutula dies in the raid, and Arlon Dahl returns to his people, leaving Surgun Jates as the only permanent addition to the team.

Mavericks Book 1: Deathtrap

The Mavericks, the keystone of UNEF-Paradise's new 'Alien Legion' initiative, created and spearheaded by Perkins, are tasked with taking a planet from the Kristang by the Ruhar. Unfortunately, the Kristang do not want to give up the planet, and neither do certain factions of the Ruhar, so the job is much harder than it seems. Eventually, however, the Mavericks succeed, earning them much respect across the galaxy, especially in the Ruhar government.

Mavericks Book 2: Freefall

Perkins destroys a small Kristang village, on an unimportant planet called Jellaxico, with a railgun because the Kristang were using Keepers as hostages to attempt to stall the Alien Legion's takeover of the planet, citing that 'My people have learned that you can't negotiate with terrorists.".

Afterward, Perkins negotiates a deal with with the Achaki to get them a world so that they can become a clan, and the Legion deploys to capture Stiglord (Squidworld) from the Wurgalan.

After the events of ExForce 6: Mavericks, Czajka and Perkins become romantically involved, leading Czajka to resign from the Army and become a civilian contractor so that he and Perkins can be in a relationship while still both continuing to fight.

Striebich and Bonsu become romantically involved as do Colter and Jarrett.

ExForce 10: Critical Mass

Perkins, Striebich, Bonsu, Czajka, Colter, Jarrett, Jates and Nert, after a failed mission on the planet Tohmaran, are preparing to meet the Maxolhx in orbit and await their execution.

While traveling to the Maxolhx cruisers in orbit, they witness the "Bosphuraq Ghost Ship" jump in between them and the Maxolhx cruisers and destroys them. Amazed at how quickly the battle was over, they await an unknown fate. That is until Joe Bishop appears on their monitors, to their complete surprise.

The Mavericks board Valkyrie in their Dodo dropship. Perkins, Czajka, Colter and Jarrett are elated to see Joe alive and well. The Mavericks (minus Nert and Jates) meet Emby, who they find out is actually Skippy.

Perkins meets privately with Joe an he tells her about all the difficulties she had caused the Pirates in their attempts to keep Earth safe.