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The Thuranin are a cybernetically enhanced race of smaller green skinned cloned aliens.

Initially, the Thuranin were clients of the Bosphuraq. The Kristang homeworld was isolated for millions of years, then a wormhole shift provided easy access for the Thuranin. That region of space was not of any strategic importance to the Thuranin, but they were eager to match their Bosphuraq rivals by acquiring a client species. When they conquered the Kristang and became their patrons, they were recognized by the Maxolhx as a direct client species instead of clients of the Bosphuraq.[2]

The Thuranin are very distrustful of all other species and are referred to as "Little Green Pinheads", or as little MFers.


The Thuranin use brain implants to control nearly all aspects of their technology, and despise the organic parts of themselves.

The Thuranin are shorter than humans and have a distinct dislike for anything that is tactile as it reminds them of their organic bodies therefore use their implants to control their starships, this was used to Joseph Bishop's advantage as Skippy the Magnificent made teh Flying Dutchman's crew sleep so they could commandeer the ship.[3]

The Thuranin are clones made from one of 39 genotypes. 

In the events of Zero Hour, the Thuranin are found to be inhabiting Gingerbread a planet in the Roach Motel, they have no cybernetic implants and have to grow crops to survive as the indigenous life there is not compatible with their biology. 


They use nutritional paste instead of traditional foods which are supplied via tube in their sleeping quarters. Joe refers to this paste as sludge, Skippy tries to make as many flavors as possible for the Merry Band of Pirates.


Client species of the Maxolhx, patrons of the Kristang. They would have supplanted their organic bodies long ago with mechanical ones but their patron species, the Maxolhx, do not like the idea of a fully cybernetic species.

The Thuranin have a dislike for their organic sides wishing to be completely artificial, Skippy theorized that they would have made themselves into completely artificial beings if they had the technology to do so. Another reason that they may not have pursued this more is that the Maxolhx would be able to control them too easily. If the Thuranin were to become fully cybernetic, the Maxolhx would consider them an artificial life form and enslave the entire species.

The Thuranin can be risk averse after they lose the advanced scout craft that was to be sent to Earth for the White Wind Clan of Kristang, they proceeded to increase the price to a point that the Kristang would never be able to afford another expedition.[4]

The Thuranin can be very unhanded, they have installed nano viruses on the Kristang ships that have docked with their star carriers, this would allow them to take over any ships at a whim.

Recent History

Information on an impending Thuranin fleet action against the Jeraptha was intercepted by Skippy and he passed it on to Jeraptha Fleet Intelligence. Two Thuranin fleets were on their way; they would strike soon. The commander of the Jeraptha's Mighty 98th Fleet, Admiral Tashallo, soundly defeated both Thuranin fleets with ease, knowing exactly where and when they intended to strike and ambushed them.

Admiral Tashallo also had great success in defeating a combined Thuranin and Bosphuraq force in the Nubrentia system. Not only that, but he was able to turn them against each other, resulting in depleted forces for both species.

After the Alien Legion unexpectedly won the fight on Fresno, the Thuranin were concerned. Then the Bosphuraq were forced to pull out of their joint offensive with the Thuranin, because the Maxolhx are beating the crap out of the birdbrains. The little green pinheads panicked. Their position was weakened, they no longer had help from the Bosphuraq, and the Maxolhx were demanding the Thuranin push the Jeraptha back, which they couldn’t do by themselves.

The last thing the Thuranin needed was for their Kristang clients to be thrown into even more disarray, if support from the Legion allowed the Ruhar to stage a major offensive. The Thuranin had asked the Maxolhx for permission to stage a raid on Paradise, to hit the humans there.

The Thuranin rightly saw humans as the key to the Legion. Without the presence of UNEF soldiers, the Ruhar public would never have agreed to provide the Verd-kris with weapons and training. The logic was, hit Paradise hard enough, and the Legion problem would go away.

Fortunately for UNEF, the Maxolhx were concerned about the Thuranin committing warships to an operation against Paradise, because the Jeraptha would have certainly responded and retaliated. Unfortunately, the Maxolhx suggested an alternative to a military strike against Paradise.

The Thuranin didn’t trust the Kristang’s skill in biotechnology, so they negotiated to buy the humans on Rikers. They would be transported off Rikers to a Thuranin research base, and then used to develop a bioweapon. The Thuranin planned to cause a mutation of the vaccine Skippy developed. All humans on Paradise had been vaccinated, and almost all Ruhar on that world also. The Thuranin planned to hijack Skippy's alteration of the cure for the earlier Kristang bioweapon, to make the DNA produce a fatal mutation.


The Thuranin are technologically more advanced than the their client species the Kristang but the basis of their hyperdrive is from a Maxolhx design which they don't fully understand therefore just copy the design for all of their ships. They are capable of hyperspace jumps that can far exceed normal jumps with the appropriate tuning e.g. by Skippy.[3]

Thuranin have artificial gravity technology which they use to provide gravity on their starships or to lower gravity to more bearable levels on large planets.[4]

All of their ships have data recorder drones which are ejected if a ship is destroyed, these allow any passing Thuranin ship to determine what happened to a ship if it "disappears".[5]

Secondary Control Room

The Thuranin are very paranoid of their patron species hacking their ships, driven by this fear they install backup control rooms in their ships which they can use instead of their implants; the backup control room aboard the Dutchman was described as being almost cathedral-like by Joe, it also has tactile controls which the Thuranin despise as it reminds them of their weak organic side.[3]


There is a branch of the Thuranin military called the Advanced Research Division (ARD) who are responsible fo the research and development of technologies derived from more advanced species. Thuranin who are involved in the research of Elder Technology have their cybernetic implants removed in fear of them being captured or hacked.[4]

The Elders were an ancient race that disappeared from the Milky Way millions of years ago. Skippy the Magnificent believes they ascended to a higher level of existence.
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Humans on Earth, Avalon & Jiayuguan and the Merry Band of Pirates currently have no patrons or clients, but are looking to achieve alliances with many species. The humans on Paradise, though not technically clients of the Ruhar, are under Ruhar control. The Pirates have a clandestine association with the Jeraptha Ethics and Compliance Office.