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This timeline is being modified constantly as the entire series is being re-listened to. This is being done in order to clarify when events take place and that the specific mentions of the passage of time are accounted for. Hopefully, after the series is finished, this will be as close an approximation as possible.

The section(s) below SCHMAYBE includes Spoilers.

Timeline 2045.jpg

Over 130 Million Years Before Columbus Day (MYBCD) to 2.7 MYBCD (Pre-Books History)

~Over 130M BCD

~Between 130 MYBCD to 90 MYBCD

  • Something tears a hole in the star in the Barsoom system and creates a focused massive solar flare or coronal mass ejection.
  • Most of Barsoom's atmosphere is blown away by the focused solar flare or coronal mass ejection.
  • Elder facilities on the surface are scooped away into another spacetime.
  • Barsoom's surface is struck by relativistic impactors

~Over 80 MYBCD

  • Elders create super-duty wormholes to the satellite galaxies of the Milky Way.
  • Elders strip raw materials from those satellite star formations to build millions of effect generators over thousands of years.
  • Elders place the effect generators outside the Milky Way, creating the Galactic Shield.
  • Elders use the Wormhole Network and create Roach Motel systems that draw power from the parent stars to power the Galactic Shield.
  • Elders build the Guardians to protect the Roach Motels.
  • Elders build the Sentinels to protect the Galactic Shield by preventing any civilization from using Elder Technology that could possibly endanger the Galactic Shield.

~About 80 MYBCD

~Between 80 MYBCD and 2.7 MYBCD

  • Elders create Skippy the Magnificent and many other Elder AIs
    • (it's not actually known exactly when the Elders created Skippy. He could be much, much older).
  • Elders separate into two factions (Security and Balance)
  • Burgeoning civilizations are wiped out by the Security faction of the Elders.
  • The Elder Civil War takes place.
  • Two Elder ships destroy each other in battle.
  • Elders vanish from the galaxy.

~Around 2.7 MYBCD

  • The AI War begins with Skippy and three other Elder AIs on the Balance side and three Elder AIs on the Security side.
  • A Security Faction Elder AI uses a Sentinel to push Newark out of orbit and is consequently killed by it's worm.
  • Sentient species on Newark was wiped out (that memory was inaccessible to Skippy's conscience for a long time).
  • Near Newark, a ship went to the moon and was attacked. The Sentinel became unstable.
  • The three Security AIs activated the worms inside the AIs. Skippy and his brethren were not aware those worms existed.
  • The other three Balance Elder AIs sacrificed themselves and died helping Skippy beat his worm as he was physically closest to Newark.
  • Skippy kills an Security Elder AI at Newark, but he and his ship are severely damaged in the battle.
  • Skippy's ship takes him to Paradise while he went into hibernation to recover (even though there six closer star systems).

Between 2.7 Million Years BCD and Columbus Day (Pre-Books History)

~Between 2.7M BCD and 1 BCD

  • Skippy's ship's orbit deteriorates and the ship crashes on Paradise.
  • The Rindhalu discover fire.
  • The Rindhalu evolve into an advanced space-faring species.
  • The Rindhalu discover Elder weapons
  • The Maxolhx evolve into a space-faring species.
  • The Rinhalu discover the Maxolhx, take them on as a client species and nurture them.
  • The Maxolhx take advantage of the Rindhalu and steal technology from them, becoming more and more advanced (but still not as advanced as the Rindhalu).
  • The Maxolhx discover Elder weapons.
  • The Rindhalu-Maxolhx war begins. Both sides believe the other side started the conflict.
  • The Rindhalu and Maxolhx use Elder weapons against each other and the Maxolhx destroy the Rindhalu homeworld.
  • Sentinels awaken and punish the Rindhalu and Maxolhx civilizations, knock them back into the stone age and then go dormant again.
  • The Rindhalu and Maxolhx rebuild their civilizations.
  • The Rindhalu discover the Jeraptha and take them on as clients.
  • The Maxolhx discover the Bosphuraq and take them on as clients.
  • The Bosphuraq discover the Thuranin and take them on as clients.
  • The Rindhalu discover the Ajackus & Vreen and take them on as clients.
  • The Jeraptha discover the Ruhar & Torgalau and take them on as clients.
  • The Thuranin steal technology from the Bosphuraq, eventually liberate themselves, become direct clients of the Maxolhx and contemporaries of the Bosphuraq.
  • The Maxolhx discover the Esselgin and take them on as clients.
  • The Thuranin discover the Kristang and force the Warrior Caste into dominance.
  • Billions of the non-Warrior Caste split from the Kristang and become Verd-kris.
  • The Bosphuraq discover the Wurgalan and take them on as clients.
  • The Torgalau discover the Lemoostra and take them on as clients.
  • The Wurgalan discover the Urgar and take them on as clients.
  • The Verd-kris become defacto clients of the Ruhar.

~Several months before Columbus Day

  • The Gateway wormhole shifts to Earth.
  • The Thuranin send probes through the Gateway wormhole to scout the area.
  • The White Wind clan negotiate with the Thuranin for assets such as a Space Elevator and transportation to Earth.

~A few months before Columbus Day

(See Timeline Assumption below to see how the following dates were determined)

~Around the week of 11, August, 2030

  • A Ruhar attack fleet makes their way to the Earth side of the Gateway wormhole.

~Around the week of September 15, 2030

  • The Ruhar fleet arrives near the Earth (and maintain position so that they can stealthily observe the Gateway wormhole).
  • A Kristang fleet plus a Thuranin star carrier arrive on the Earth side of the Gateway wormhole.
  • The Ruhar fleet watches and waits for three weeks as the Kristang fleet fully assembles.

~Around the week of 6 October, 2030

  • Twenty-year-old U.S. Army Specialist Joseph Bishop goes home on leave to Thompson Corners, Maine.
  • The Ruhar heavy ships engage the Kristang fleet while the Ruhar raiding force head towards Earth.

ExForce 1: Columbus Day

(See Timeline Assumption below to see how the following dates were determined)

Columbus Day, Monday, 14 October, 2030

  • The Ruhar arrive on Earth and target only Human Infrastructure elements for attack and destruction.
  • Joe witnesses a Ruhar ship crash in a farm.
  • Joe and the Smurfs steal a Super Softie Ice Cream truck (with a large Barney the Dinosaur painted on the side) and capture a wounded Ruhar they call Fuzzy Face. Joe gives him first aid.
  • Joe gets the nickname Barney.

~Late October 2030

~Around December 2031

~Around April 2031

~Around May 2031

  • Joe gets promoted to Sergeant.
  • UNEF Humans leave Camp Alpha after three weeks of training.

~Around June 2031

~Around September 2031

  • Joe hikes to a downed Kristang frigate north of Fort Arrow.
  • Fort Arrow attacked by Ruhar Railgun strikes.
  • Joe and Company raid Ammo Dump near Fort Arrow.
  • Joe and Company take down two Ruhar Whales with Zinger missiles.
  • Joe gets promoted to Colonel.
  • Joe meets Lt. Colonel Chang Kong and a Kristang Commander for the first time.

~Around October 2031

  • Joe gets new assignment to coordinate agriculture activities on UNEF occupied Paradise.
  • Joe convoy is attacked by the Ruhar during Planting operations near Habitrail on Paradise, destroying all Seed Cargo.
  • Joe refuses the unlawful order to kill 8 innocent, unarmed Ruhar civilians.
  • The Kristang kill Lieutenant Miranda Collins (who refuses to attack a Ruhar school) by taking control of her Dobreh / "Chicken" fighter and launching missiles at the school and then crashing her aircraft.
  • Joe is placed under arrest for disobeying a direct order and taken to a Kristang Prison Base on Paradise.
  • Chang refuses a Kristang order to kill innocent, unarmed Ruhar civilians.
  • Chang is placed under arrest for disobeying a direct order and taken to the same Kristang Prison Base as Joe.
  • A Ruhar assault damages the Kristang Prison Base, allowing Joe to escape captivity.
  • Joe rescues Staff Sergeant Margaret Adams, Captain Fal Desai and Chang.
  • Joe kills a Kristang soldier in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Joe shoots and kills 2 Kristang soldiers during the escape from the Kristang prison on Paradise.
  • Joe rescues Captain Fal Desai and Chang.
  • Joe, Adams, Desai and Chang get apprehended by Ruhar Soldiers and are placed in temporary holding facility.
  • Joe meets Skippy The Magnificent.
  • With Skippy's help, Joe, Adams, Desai and Chang escape from the Ruhar base in a Dodo.
  • Joe recruits 20 more UNEF Military Personnel from Major (Tamara) Jennifer Simms' base to add to the group.
  • Skippy spoofs the Ruhar's ships in orbit then send a distress signal to the Kristang.
  • The newly formed group fight the surprised Kristang while Desai, in the Dodo, destroys the bridge of the Kristang frigate, the Heavenly Morning Flower of Glorious Victory. The group successfully captures the frigate and rename it The Flower.
  • Sergeant Yu Qishan dies during the operation to steal The Flower.

~Around December 2031

  • Joe and Skippy name the group the Merry Band of Pirates.
  • Skippy warps space time to throw a Kristang frigate off the path.
  • The Flower attaches to a Thuranin star carrier.
  • Skippy places the Thuranin aboard the star carrier into a deep sleep.
  • Skippy warps space time again.
  • The Pirates board the Thuranin ship.
  • Joe names the Thuranin star carrier, the Flying Dutchman.
  • Joe has Skippy jump the Kristang battle group and the container with the sleeping Thuranin into a gas giant planet.
  • The Pirates train to raid a Kristang asteroid base for a Wormhole Controller and a Comm Node for Skippy.
  • The Pirates successfully raid the base and Joe has it destroyed.
  • The Pirates go through the wormhole to Earth and Skippy closes it but it will reset in a month.
  • Above Earth, Skippy jumps the Kristang frigate in orbit into the Sun and blows all the Kristang in the troop ship, "The Ever Long Remembrance Of Khost Flacronda Who Served With Ultimate Honor", out into space.
  • Joe renames the troop ship "The Ever Long Remembrance Of Yu Qishan Who Served With Ultimate Honor" in honor of Sergeant Yu Qishan for his sacrifice in the commandeering of "The Flower".
  • Skippy destroys all the Kristang stongholds on Earth, successfully liberating the entire planet from the Kristang.
  • Joe meets the POTUS.
  • Skippy jumps the "Yu Qishan" near the orbit of Mars so that the nations of Earth have to cooperate in order to retrieve it.
  • UNEF on Earth assigns around an additional fifty crew members and scientists to the Dutchman, increasing the crew compliment to about seventy people.
  • The Pirates leave to find Skippy a working Comm Node so that he can contact the Collective.

ExForce 2: Spec Ops

Occurs shortly after the events of Columbus Day
(~1.33 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around February 2032

  • The Dutchman, which fifty additional crew members (including a Spec Ops team and a Science Team) prepare to leave Earth to search for a Comm Node that Skippy the Magnificent can use to contact the AI Collective.
  • Before leaving Earth, Colonel Joseph Bishop and Skippy find that there are two sites that are good candidates within three thousand light years of Earth.
  • Skippy jumps the Yu Qishan into Mars orbit to force the nations of Earth to cooperate in order to retrieve her.
  • The Dutchman leaves Earth searching for a Comm Node for Skippy.
  • The Merry Band of Pirates arrive at and searched the first candidate (an abandoned Kristang Research Station). It was a complete bust.
  • Skippy predicts where undiscovered Elder sites are.
  • The Pirates search Elder sites finding Comm Nodes that don't work.
  • Jumping to another possible Elder site, they get ambushed because there's a hidden enemy Kristang base at the Elder site.
  • The Pirates narrowly defeat the Kristang but the Dutchman is badly damaged.
  • The Pirates land on the planet Newark while Skippy takes about six months to rebuild The Dutchman.
  • Newark is an ice world that has a small team of Kristang searching for Elder Technology. The Pirates trick Kristang into flying their dropships into an ambush. The Pirates drive and hike across Newark and kill all the Kristang and recover Elder tech.
  • Skippy discovers that Newark was moved out of its original orbit a few million years ago, causing an ice age that wiped out an entire primitive, but sentient, population.

~Around October 2033

  • While deceiving Kristang coming to pick up their group from Newark, Skippy learned that the Swift Arrow clan had paid the Thuranin for a ride on a Long-Range Surveyor ship to Earth to pick up White Wind clan leaders because they were needed to sign off on Kristang clan takeover legalities.
  • The Dutchman ambushes and destroys the Thuranin Surveyor ship heading for Earth.
  • The Dutchman returns to Earth.

ExForce 3: Paradise

Occurs shortly after the events of Spec Ops
(~3.5 years after Columbus Day, 2030)
(about 3 years after humans first arrived on Paradise).

~Around April 2034

  • The Dutchman leaves Earth.
  • The Dutchman takes over Thuranin comm relay station and Skippy installs a communication sub-mind to monitor for trouble.
  • On Paradise, Baturnah Logellia is informed that forty human females are currently pregnant and seventeen human children have been born since the Humans landed on Paradise.
  • Skippy learns that the Humans|humans on Paradise are in trouble because the Ruhar don't want the planet and are going to trade it to Kristang.
  • Skippy reveals that giant ground-to-orbit MASER Projectors are hidden and buried on Paradise by the Black Trees clan, the last Kristang clan who occupied Paradise before the Ruhar took over.
  • Joe and Skippy secretly land on Paradise and, in the guise of Emby (Mysterious Benefactor), recruit Emily Perkins, Irene Striebich, Derek Bonsu, Jesse Colter, Dave Czajka and Shauna Jarrett to locate, uncover and reactivate the MASER Projectors.
  • Skippy (as Emby) provides Perkins, [Striebich, Bonsu, Colter, Czajka and Jarrett info on how to reactivate the MASER Projectors.
  • Perkins' team reactivate the [MASER Projectors and attack the Kristang battlegroup orbiting Paradise.
  • The Ruhar still want to trade Paradise.
  • The Pirates find/fake an Elder Power Tap and a Comm Node leading the Ruhar find them on Paradise.
  • Joe asks Skippy to make the fake Elder Power Tap break and also make it look like a Ruhar Scientist's fault.
  • The Ruhar now want to keep Paradise since they believe there is more Elder technology to be found.

ExForce 3.5: Trouble on Paradise (Novella)

Starts 3 days after the events of Paradise and during the early events of Black Ops
(~3.67 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around June 2034

  • Perkins, Striebich, Bonsu, Colter, Czajka, Jarrett and Nert Dandurff get into trouble on Paradise.
  • Perkins' team are assigned by the Ruhar to reactivate the final giant ground-to-orbit MASER Projectors buried on the isolated Tavalen Island on Paradise.
  • Jarrett blows up Tavalen Island before a group of Kristang commandos can use it to attack Ruhar, saving thirty nine thousand eight hundred and sixty four Ruhar in troop ships that the Kristang 39 Commando team were targeting.

ExForce 4: Black Ops

Occurs shortly after the events of Paradise
(~3.75 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around July 2034

  • The Kristang want to send two Fire Dragon clan leaders to Earth in order to pick up the White Wind clan leaders.
  • The Fire Dragon clan negotiate trading a planet or access to a wormhole to the Ruhar for a ride to Earth and back.
  • Skippy discovered that the communications sub-mind he installed on the Thuranin comm relay station had developed a personality and became self-aware and sentient (named Nagatha Christie by Skippy).
  • "Grand Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Skippy" debuts his new avatar to the Pirates.
  • Skippy finds a dead Elder AI canister, investigates it and goes offline for a about seventeen hours because it contained a worm that killed the AI.
  • The Pirates pick up three abandoned Kristang frigates and convert them into a single Q-ship used to attack the Ruhar negotiating team.
  • Skippy discovers intel of an impending attack on the Jeraptha by the Thuranin. He surreptitiously provides the intel to the Jeraptha.
  • The Jeraptha hand the Thuranin a crushing defeat using the intel Skippy provided.
  • The Jeraptha launch an investigation into who provided the intel on the planned Thuranin attack.

~Around January 2035

  • The Kristang make an extremely generous offer to the Ruhar for a ride to Earth and back and the Ruhar accepted.
  • The Pirates' Spec Ops Teams launch a ground attack on Kobamik to spark a conflict between the three-largest Kristang clans (the Black Trees clan, Fire Dragon clan and Swift Arrow clan), starting a civil war.
  • While the teams are getting ready to evac Kobamik, Skippy becomes infected by the AI-killing worm and goes offline.
  • Capitaine Renee Giraud of the French team suffers radiation poisoning.
  • The teams return to the Dutchman using Skippy's Plan B.

~Around July 2035

  • With Skippy still offline for weeks, Joe asks Nagatha to do something very dangerous.

ExForce 5: Zero Hour

Occurs immediately after the events of Black Ops
(~4.75 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around July 2035

  • Joe asks Nagatha to download her entire consciousness into Skippy the Magnificent's beer can to see if she could wake him up.
  • The dying Dutchman's jump drive needs maintenance, so Dr. Mark Friedlander and the Science Team begin work on the coils. It does not go well.
  • Skippy returns, albeit as Skippy the Meh, because he can't access higher spacetime. He has unfortunately retained the ability to sing.
  • The Pirates raid a Wurgalan museum to obtain an Elder conduit, but the conduit they steal is broken.
  • Joe has an idea to escape a Thuranin trap by plotting a jump point through an Elder wormhole and destroys the Thuranin ships guarding it.
  • The Pirates go to the Roach Motel/Hotel California to find a working Elder conduit.
  • The Pirates get trapped in the Roach Motel after a Guardian shears the Dutchman in half as soon as they jump into the star system.
  • Skippy estimates that there is a planet in the habitable zone, but it is shielded by stealth and fuzz fields.
  • The entire crew of Pirates travel to the planet they name "Gingerbread" for survival.
  • Joe gets trapped in a dropship when it crashes into a lake.
  • Hans Chotek makes plans to make Gingerbread the Pirates' new home.
  • The Pirates discover non-cyborg Thuranin who have been trapped on Gingerbread for centuries.
  • The Thuranin on attack the Pirates.
  • The SpecOps teams find and retrieve the Elder conduit that Skippy needs to kill the worm, but it is also broken.

~Around December 2036

  • Joe takes off into space to salvage parts from all the wrecked ships that were destroyed by the Guardians.
  • Skippy discovers a dead Elder Sentinel in the system.
  • Joe and Skippy go to the Sentinel to find an Elder conduit.
  • Joe flings himself and Skippy over to the Sentinel.
  • Joe and Skippy find a conduit, but Skippy needs the power from Joe's suit to jump start it.
  • Skippy destroys the worm.
  • Skippy repairs the Dutchman using the scavenged derelict ship parts.

~Around October 2037

  • Skippy detects an ancient derelict Maxolhx ship powering up.
  • Using missiles, microwormholes and a hologram, Skippy created spacetime ripples that mimicked the sheering effect to scare off the Maxolhx.
  • Skippy forms a wormhole inside the Maxolhx ship. The wormhole explodes, taking the Maxolhx ship with it.
  • One of the Maxolhx survives in an escape pod and is brought on board.
  • Joe nicknames the Maxolhx, "Mr. Snuggles" and they confine him.
  • Unable to escape confinement, Mr. Snuggles commits suicide using his internal nanobots.
  • The Dutchman leaves the Roach Motel.

~Around December 2037

  • Perkins and her team are sent off Paradise for tactical and combat training.
  • The Maxolhx decide to investigate the wormhole that was closed at Earth.
  • Skippy tells Joe that Perkins and her team are not on Paradise.
  • Joe realizes that the Pirates have to rescue Perkins and her team... again.

ExForce 6: Mavericks

Occurs immediately after the events of Zero Hour
(~7.25 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around January 2038

  • Skippy discovers that an energy depleting virus is draining all the power from anything that is connected to the Dutchman.
  • The crew evacuates the Dutchman until the virus starves itself to death.
  • Skippy tells Joe what Perkins and UNEF on Paradise have been up to.
  • The Mavericks are placed in a combat training exercise against Ruhar cadets on another Ruhar-occupied planet.
  • The Mavericks, win the exercise despite the Ruhar cadet team cheating.
  • Perkins' team get the name Mavericks.
  • Perkins is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
  • The Mavericks are assigned to the decommissioned Ruhar Destroyer "Ruh Tostella" for more training.
  • The "Ruh Tostella" is attacked by the Bosphuraq and their clients, the Wurgalan.
  • Perkins is given command by the last dying adult Ruhar, Urmat Datha.
  • The Mavericks and Surgun Krok-aus-tal Jates fend off a failed mutiny by Bift Colhsoon and his team.
  • The Mavericks rescue a Jeraptha, Arlon Ernt Dahl from the Jeraptha star carrier "Deal Me In".
  • Perkins coordinates the cadets to begin repairs on the crippled "Deal Me In".
  • Striebich and Bonsu manage to jump the "Deal Me In" near Camp Alpha.
  • The Mavericks limp to Camp Alpha in the Deal Me In.
  • The Mavericks discover the Kristang are infecting Keepers of the Faith with a bio-weapon that will also infect the Ruhar.
  • The Mavericks take Dodo dropships down to the surface of Camp Alpha.
  • Velt Ser-Kotreh Tutula sacrifices her life by maneuvering her Vulture to intercept a missile about to hit Striebich's and Bonsu's ship and kill them.
  • The Mavericks kill the Kristang, but the infected Keepers are already en route to Paradise.
  • The Mavericks and the Keepers have to quarantine themselves.
  • The civilian Jeraptha (converted) star carrier, the Sure Thing, arrives at Camp Alpha.
  • The Jeraptha Captain of the Sure Thing, Vencerientu Gumbano, is reluctant to take the Mavericks and the Keepers due to their possible infection with the bio-weapon.
  • Arlon Dahl refuses to go without the Mavericks. Surprisingly, Bift Colhsoon also refuses to leave the Mavericks.
  • Arlon Dahl works out a deal to quarantine the dropship and take everyone back to Paradise.
  • The virus starves itself out and the Pirates head to Camp Alpha to rescue the Mavericks.
  • Pirates capture the infected Keepers and Skippy uses them to create a vaccine.
  • Skippy covertly disseminated this information and the humans and Ruhar on Paradise are safe.
  • The Dutchman (finally) sets a course for Earth.
  • Skippy replaces the Dutchman's original Thuranin computer.
  • Skippy re-arranged his internal matrix and the restriction against sharing technology has been reduced somewhat.
  • Skippy informs Joe that while they have done well at fixing each crisis they have come across to keep Earth safe, it's not a long-term solution.
  • Skippy says that all the gamma ray bursts from the Dutchman going through what is supposed to be a dormant wormhole near Earth will be visible within sixty years and there's nothing they can do to stop that.

ExForce 7: Renegades

Occurs shortly after the events of Mavericks
(~8 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around October 2038

  • UNEF on Earth attempts take control of the Dutchman using a Delta Force team.
  • Lauren Poole, in a Kristang Powered Armor Suit, disarms the Delta Force and takes back control.
  • Joe, along with a small group of Pirates, re-boards the Dutchman with Skippy's help.
  • The Maxolhx are planning to send an expedition to Earth end of the Gateway wormhole to investigate the anomalies.
  • Perkins asks the Jeraptha to accompany the Maxolhx expedition to Earth to find out what was going on there.
  • The Pirates find a Elder moon with 2 destroyed Elder warships.
  • The Pirates find a damaged Elder dropship and finds a fully preserved Elder corpse.
  • The Pirates find a point zero Power Tap along with a spare wormhole controller.
  • Skippy finds another AI mass in another space time and goes to check it out with Joe but doesn't know it is an Elder AI. The Elder AI is insane.
  • The insane Elder AI attacks Skippy.
  • Skippy destroys the insane Elder AI.
  • The Dutchman engages with two Maxolhx cruisers and destroys them.
  • The Pirates return to Earth.

ExForce 7.5: Homefront (Audio Drama)

Occurs shortly after the events of Renegades
(~8.5 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around April 2039

  • Smythe takes up the challenge of training a new multinational STAR team of SpecOps.
  • Skippy develops a man-crush on the billionaire engineer-scientist, Brock Steel.
  • Hibernating members of the mercenary Achakai awaken and kill the hibernating Blood Fang clan.
  • The Achakai attack the Yu Qishan near Mars' orbit.
  • A separate Achakai team attacks Wright Patterson AFB near Dayton, Ohio.
  • Joe and a small team of Pirates board the "Ice Cold Dagger to the Heart" and captured it.
  • US Forces are on the verge of launching nuclear weapons on Wright Patterson AFB to prevent the Achakai from getting the Elder tech held there.
  • Joe, in the "Dagger", saves the day.

ExForce 8: Armageddon

Occurs shortly after the events of Homefront
(~8.75 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around July 2039

  • The Dutchman leaves Earth to scout for suitable colony sites.
  • The Pirates are joined by Hans Chotek and three UN-assigned bureaucrats ("The Three Stooges").
  • The Maxolhx send a Blockade Force of more than eighty ships to guard the Gateway wormhole to Earth.
  • The Pirates travel to a dead world to acquire a Rindhalu wormhole range extender.
  • Skippy finds evidence that the Rindhalu had a working Elder AI and rumors about the Maxolhx having one too.
  • The Pirates jump through a super-duty wormhole connected to the Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy, a satellite of the Milky Way.
  • The Pirates locate humanity's beta site and call it Avalon.
  • Skippy suspects there is a stealthed gas giant in the system they name Mira.
  • Hans Chotek, the Three Stooges, a few military personnel and most civilians set up camp on Avalon while the Dutchman heads back to Earth to give them the news.
  • The Maxolhx consider sending a full battlegroup to Earth.
  • The Pirates frame the Bosphuraq for the attack on the Maxolhx.
  • The Pirates attack a Bosphuraq research facility and Skippy modifies the star to suggest the Bosphuraq had been working on spacetime weapons.
  • The Maxolhx decided to send a battlegroup to Earth anyway.

~Around January 2040

  • Skippy remembers that the Elders created a shield that sealed off the Milky Way and its immediate neighborhood from intergalactic jumps.
  • Skippy remembers that the Elders left behind Sentinels and Guardians to protect the shield.
  • Joe has the idea to capture a Maxolhx warship by getting Skippy to slice it in half using a wormhole.
  • The Pirates successfully slice apart two Maxolhx Extinction-class battlecruisers and a Maxolhx heavy cruiser.
  • Skippy uses the sections to upgrade the Dutchman and construct Valkyrie.
  • Fal Desai and Renee Giraud are killed on the mission to get VPMs.
  • Margaret Adams is severely wounded and receives a severe TBI on the mission to get the VPMs.
  • Jeremy Smythe loses both of his legs below the knee on the mission to get the VPMs.
  • The Pirates strand the Maxolhx battlegroup in deep intergalactic space.

Mavericks Book 1: Deathtrap

Occurs during the early events of Armageddon
(~8.92 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around September 2039

  • Czajka leaves the military and becomes a Civilian Contractor with "SecCorp" and is assigned to the Mavericks.
  • Perkins and Czajka begin their relationship.
  • The Mavericks discover an Power Tap and conceal it to use as a bargaining chip later.
  • The Jeraptha's Mighty 98th Fleet attacks the Thuranin and Bosphuraq fleets.
  • The Thuranin and Bosphuraq fleets turn on each other.
  • The Mavericks and Alien Legion assist the Ruhar in evacuating Feznako (Fresno).
  • A Kristang Yellow Tail sub-clan leader tries to bait the Mavericks by threatening to make a sport of killing their Keeper slaves.
  • Perkins orders a railgun stike on the area the Yellow Tail sub-clan occupies, wiping them out (including all of the Keepers.
  • The Kristang offer the Ruhar a cease fire, which would result in the Mavericks being mistreated.
  • The Mavericks discover that a major Ruhar contractor had arranged to sabotage the Legion]]'s mission.
  • The Kristang launch a mass assault on Legion headquarters.
  • The Mavericks ordered a Verd-kris commando team to hit clan leadership.
  • Colter negotiates with Admiral Tashallo of the Mighty 98th Fleet to take them back to Fresno.
  • The "I Am Aching To Give Someone A Beat-Down And Today Is YOUR Lucky Day" deployed a rapid assault team that wiped out a Kristang force.
  • Kekrando meets with Perkins and they exchanged gifts of respect.
  • Kekrando arranged for his Keeper slave to return with Perkins and the Legion to Paradise.

ExForce 9: Valkyrie

Occurs immediately after the events of Armageddon
(~10 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around October 2040

  • The native Maxolhx AI aboard Valkyrie tries to murder the Pirates by strangling them.
  • Commander Illiath, the Maxolhx Captain of the Vortan, finds out that the star had been modified well after the Bosphuraq research bases were destroyed
  • Illiath and the ship's AI decided that someone had likely framed the Bosphuraq.
  • Valkyrie and the Flying Dutchman return to the beta site on Avalon.
  • The Pirates resupply and pick up the military personnel that had previously been left on Avalon.
  • Valkyrie destroys many Maxolhx ships throughout Maxolhx space and broadcast a manifesto supposedly from a rogue Bosphuraq group.
  • The Maxolhx fleet headquarters has decided to lure Valkyrie into an ambush.
  • Valkyrie jumps into battle and face eight heavy cruisers, four patrol cruisers, and six destroyers with two star carriers.
  • Valkyrie immediately destroys two heavy cruisers and cripples their parent star carriers.
  • Valkyrie suffers devastating hits and temporarily disrupt the damping fields by broadcasting a feedback signal.
  • The Pirates jump a dropship into a gas giant, detonate some nukes, and then jump Valkyrie into the collapsing low-pressure zone.
  • The Maxolhx begin to believe that their ultra-secure pixies may be compromised.
  • Joe had the idea to move dormant wormholes by several light years so that they could evacuate some people from Earth to Avalon quicker.
  • Skippy instructs the Wormhole Network to permanently shut down Gateway and move and reactivate the Backstop wormhole.
  • Two Maxolhx heavy cruisers ambush two Bosphuraq ships.
  • Valkyrie jumps in, destroys one Maxolhx cruiser and sends the other one running.
  • The Pirates regrettably destroy a disabled Bosphuraq battleship and plant evidence of compromised Maxolhx pixies.
  • The Maxolhx find the pixies and think the Bosphuraq have somehow leapfrogged their patrons.
  • The Pirates "recruit" a Legion Commando team.
  • The Pirates rescue about a hundred and eighty kidnapped humans (mostly children) who were being used by the Kristang Fire Dragon clan and Thuranin as test beds for a bioweapon.

~Around January 2041

  • Skippy remembers that an AI that didn't go rogue had used Elder technology to kill the sapient species on Newark.
  • Skippy remembers that the Wormhole Network is used to power the Galactic Barrier that protected the Elders from an unknown threat.
  • Skippy remembers that Elder society had experienced two devastating wars.
  • Skippy disappears from local reality to go and contact the Maxolhx and Rindhalu for assistance.
  • Skippy's disappearance cuts all power to the [[|Dragon]] dropship Joe is on and causes it to be detected and attacked by the Thuranin.
  • Skippy's disappearance also collapses the microwormwholes and severs all communication between the dropship, Valkyrie and the Dutchman.
  • Valkyrie's native AI sends a worm to the Dutchman
  • The worm attacks Nagatha and all the Dutchman's systems, building up the reactors on the Dutchman for an overload.
  • The native AI on Valkyrie also by cut power and began attacking the crew using all of the bots on the ship.
  • A bot is strangling Captain Samantha Reed and breaks her arm.
  • A heavy repair bot begins banging in the passageway outside the bridge.
  • The crews of Valkyrie and the Dutchman fight for their lives.

Mavericks Book 2: Freefall

Occurs during the events of Critical Mass
(~10.58 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around May 2041

  • The Alien Legion is contracted out to the Achakai mercenary warriors to help conquer and acquire the Wurgalan-occupied Stiglord (Squidworld).
  • Two Achakai houses separately accept Kristang contracts to assassinate Perkins.
  • Former Kristang Admiral Jet-au-Bes Kekrando is rescued from house arrest by the Achakai so he can command a new Achakai fleet.
  • Perkins gets the Jeraptha to agree to covertly help the Achakai steal some decommissioned Wurgalan ships.
  • The Mavericks retrieve the Elder Power Tap they had hidden in an asteroid.
  • Wurgalan hidden strategic defense satellites start destroying the Ruhar assault carriers while they are deploying dropships containing the Legion.
  • Czajka, Jarrett, Jates, Nert and two other survivors escape their wrecked dropship and ride down to the surface in a cargo pod.
  • Perkins, Striebich, Bonsu and Colter bail out of their damaged dropship when it is shot down.
  • Czajka and Jates are separated from their teammates and survive a tsunami caused by a crashing dropship.
  • Perkins and her platoon assault a Wurgalan outpost and capture a beat-up helicopter.
  • Czajka and Jates met up with Jarrett's team and encounter the Wurgalan.
  • The under-strength Verd-kris platoon in the capital rescue the survivors of another platoon.
  • Perkins' helicopter stumbles upon a plasma cannon cluster hidden by a stealth field and take it over.
  • Jarrett's team is rescued by a Ruhar dropship that stumbled across them while looking for Perkins' downed dropship.
  • Perkins gets in touch with Legion command using a Wurgalan control network.
  • The Ruhar 7th Fleet destroys the remaining cannon clusters and started sending in the remaining Ruhar assault carriers to reinforce the Legion.
  • Two Bosphuraq destroyers jump in after having shadowed the Ruhar 7th Fleet during operations.
  • Kekrando sends ships to protect the dropships and four destroyers on suicide runs against the Bosphuraq.
  • The Ruhar get spooked by the Bosphuraq and are reluctant to land reinforcements.
  • Perkins' team, now reinforced with the rest of the Mavericks, plans rescue the Verd-kris troops.
  • Perkins and her team get trapped by Wurgalan tanks and reinforcing troops.
  • Perkins' team regroups to evacuate from the city.
  • Perkins reluctantly decides to use her ace in the hole: the Elder Power Tap.
  • The Wurgalan briefly fight their Bosphuraq patrons over the Power Tap, then Thuranin ships jumped in to attack the Bosphuraq ships extracting it.
  • Jeraptha ships jump in to mop up enemy resistance and secure the Elder Power Tap.
  • Perkins survived two assassination attempts when an Achakai broke the contracts in gratitude for what Perkins had done for his people.
  • Legion command gets word of an unknown Bosphuraq Ghost Ship terrorizing the Maxolhx.
  • The former Achakai are officially recognized as the newly-formed Shining Dagger clan.

ExForce 10: Critical Mass

Occurs immediately after the events of Valkyrie
(~10.75 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around July 2041

  • Skippy has disappeared and the crews of Valkyrie and the Dutchman are fighting for their lives.
  • Joe has been captured by the Thuranin, held for three days on the ship and then taken back to Rikers.
  • Simms tells the native AI that she will surrender the ship if the native AI stops attacking the crew and asks what it would do after it kills the crew.
  • Simms tells the native AI that it has only two options: 1. Fly the ship by itself, hiding from the Maxolhx until the ship's systems fail and it drifts alone forever in empty space. 2. Join the Pirates.
  • The native AI agrees to help the Pirates, but is immediately destroyed by a Maxolhx "kill switch" program.
  • The program also erases all software that is linked to Valkyrie's systems, including the crew's zPhones.
  • Chang gives the order to abandon the Dutchman in dropships.
  • Simms rigs a nuclear weapon for detonation aboard Valkyrie.
  • The Dutchman's reactors don't explode and Chang orders everyone back the Dutchman.
  • Joe awakens in a Kristang hospital and the Thuranin, Tweedledum, questions him.
  • Dr. Friedlander notices an orange light blinking on his zPhone and figured out that Nagatha is trying to communicate with them.
  • Nagatha, using an old Vietnam-Era POW Tap Code. but with blinking lights instead of tap sounds, provides Dr. Friedlander with instructions on how to restart the reactors.
  • Skippy returns after about nine and a half days and destroys the Thuranin ship in orbit.
  • Skippy helps Joe escape from the Kristang hospital.
  • Joe evades Kristang chasing him and waits for rescue from Rikers by the Pirates.
  • Nagatha contains the worm and is able to bring the Dutchman's systems back online.
  • The crew of Valkyrie transfer aboard Dutchman, before they suffocate.
  • The Dutchman jumps near Rikers pick up Skippy and rescue Joe.
  • Skippy and Nagatha develop and test millions of new firewalled control AIs on Valkyrie.
  • Joe decides not to tell the crew the truth about why Skippy disappeared.
  • The Dutchman jumps back to Valkyrie, crew re-board and Skippy begins repairs.
  • Chang the Dutchman to hit Thuranin recon ships.
  • A Thuranin frigate jumps in and attacks Valkyrie.
  • Joe has Skippy create a microwormhole within a microwormhole, expand it and jump Valkyrie through.
  • When Skippy reappeared, he was damaged by space dust, so cleaning bots "dust the awesomeness".
  • Two new control AIs on Valkyrie, named Bobby and Billy, merge to become Bilby.
  • Valkyrie and the Dutchman reunite.

~Around October 2041

  • Skippy tells all of the Pirates about his recovered memories.
  • Some of the Pirates take shore leave on Club Skippy.
  • Joe agrees to help Skippy verify his memories by visiting ancient Elder battle sites.
  • The Rindhalu request a joint investigation with the Maxolhx into the Ghost Ship.
  • Admiral Urkan and Commander Illiath theorize that the Bosphuraq Ghost Ship is actually a Rindhalu ship.
  • Maxolhx Fleet Intelligence requests Illiath as liaison to the Rindhalu for the mission.
  • While visiting a site where an epic major battle between two Elder starships, the Dutchman is trapped by a Sentinel.
  • The Dutchman sent out four missiles in opposite directions to draw the Sentinel away and escape.
  • Illiath and the Rindhalu Kashelob meet.
  • The Rindhalu request a joint mission with the Maxolhx to investigate Rahkarsh Diweln (Rikers).
  • The Dutchman revists Newark and Skippy remembers that he killed the an Elder AI during the AI War. Skippy also remembers that the Elder AI gave up and allowed Skippy to kill it.
  • The Dutchman returns to Club Skippy and the crew of the Dutchman take several days of shore leave.
  • Valkyrie and the Dutchman travel to the far end to the far end of the Backstop wormhole that's waking up.
  • The Maxolhx discover that wormholes in the network closest to Earth have moved.
  • The Pirates change course to a Maxolhx relay station but can't access it without physical verification.
  • The Pirates go to a Thuranin relay station thirty eight hours travel time away. Skippy downloaded the information and they jumped away.
  • Skippy tells Joe that the Maxolhx are sending three battle groups to Rikers and that a Rindhalu ship is accompanying them.
  • The Thuranin put out a BOLO on Joe.
  • Skippy informs Joe about the Mavericks' Freefall mission.

~Around January 2042

  • Skippy discovers that other wormholes in the network closest to Earth have also moved and a dormant wormhole sixteen lightyears from Earth that Joe names Broomstick, is also waking up.
  • The STAR and Commandos teams capture three Maxolhx and name them Elmo, Bert and Ernie to use to gain access to a Maxolhx relay station.
  • Skippy uses Anastacia disguised as a Maxolhx to test the station's physical security.
  • The staion's AI fries Anastacia.
  • The Pirates use Elmo to gain access and succeed in downloading information, but the station explodes without warning.
  • The Dutchman heads to the Backstop wormhole and Valkyrie heads to Avalon with the civilians.
  • The Mavericks and the Alien Legion are contracted by the Swift Arrow clan to help take the planet Tohmaran from the Bright Claws clan.
  • Illiath is reassigned and discovers the Broomstick wormhole.
  • Simms and Frank Muller get married.

~Around April 2042

  • Aboard Valkyrie, the Pirates, including Simms, go to check out Maris.
  • Valkyrie is being dragged to Maris, couldn't jump away and the Pirates are plunging to their deaths in the planet's core.
  • Joe tells Skippy to do his "disappearing" trick and leave so he can help humanity.
  • Illiath informs the Maxolhx fleet about Broomstick and Admiral Denoth goes through with the Wormhole Task Force.
  • Skippy halts the Valkyrie's plunge an discovers a huge cache of Elder weapons.
  • Skippy has the Elder weapons delieverd to Valkyrie.
  • Valkyrie jumps all over Rindhalu and Maxolhx territory, planting armed and stealthed Elder weapons on timers.
  • The Dutchman jumps through Backstop, meets the Yu Qishan and tells them to immediately jump to Earth.
  • The Dutchman jumps to the far side of Saturn first, to observe what's happening at Earth.
  • The Dutchman jumps to Earth after Nagatha tells Chang that the Maxolhx had jumped in over eleven hours prior.
  • Two Maxolhx heavy cruisers jump in over Tohmaran.
  • The Legion's mission fails and the Mavericks are ordered to surrender to the Maxolhx.
  • The Maxolhx Task Force jumps into Earth orbit and confronts the Dutchman.
  • Denoth demnds the Dutchman's surrender and Chang responds with, "I am the Dread Pirate Roberts. There will be no survivors.".
  • Chang tells Nagatha to prepare a spacetime warp that will collide the Dutchman with the Arvoxita.
  • Valkyrie jumps in between the Dutchman and the Maxolhx Task Force.
  • Joe deploys the Elder weapons and prepares to fire and tells Denoth about the Elder weapons he planted.
  • The Maxolhx leave Earth and return to Maxolhx territory.
  • Joe tells Skippy to hide the Elder weapons in the Oort Cloud and password protect access to them.
  • Petty Officer Schmidt and Sergeant Giselle Montand, who joined the Dutchman for the Armageddon mission, left to return to Earth because both their wives were pregnant.
  • The Dutchman stays at Earth while Valkyrie runs another errand.
  • The Mavericks leave the surface Tohmaran in a Dodo to surrender to the Maxolhx.
  • he "Bosphuraq Ghost Ship" jumps in between the Mavericks' Dodo dropship and the Maxolhx cruisers and destroys the cruisers.
  • The Mavericks board Valkyrie to full honors.
  • The original Mavericks team meets Emby.
  • Nert meets Skippy and makes fun of his hat, among other things.
  • Jates meets Skippy and is so pissed to find out that he's an Elder AI, that Jates tries to tear Skippy's lid off and take a big, steamy, lizard dump in his can.
  • Joe tells Perkins about all the difficulties she had caused the Pirates in their attempts to keep Earth safe.
  • Joe prepares Valkyrie to run more errands.

ExForce 11: Brushfire

Occurs immediately after the events of Critical Mass
(~11.75 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around July 2042

  • ...

ExForce 12: Breakaway

Occurs immediately after the events of Brushfire
(~12.25 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around January 2043

  • ...

ExForce 13: Fallout

(Tentatively Due for Release in December 2021)
Occurs immediately after the events of Breakaway
(~13 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

~Around October 2043

  • ...

ExForce 14: Match Game

Occurs immediately after the events of Fallout
(~13.5 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

ExForce Book 15

(Final book of the series)
(Tentatively Due for Release in December 2022)
Occurs immediately after the events of Match Game
(~14 years after Columbus Day, 2030)

Timeline Assumption

This timeline is just an approximation based on information and events that are described in the ExForce books. It is not meant to be inarguably accurate. This is all, using a military term, a SWAG (Scientific Wild-Ass Guess).

  • Joe Bishop is 20 years old on Columbus Day (he mentions this on Page 8).
  • In Black Ops (Chapter 19, Pages 263 and 264), Joe mentions that he spent the first six years of his life in Boston, Massachusetts. His father would take him to Logan Airport to watch planes take off and land.
    • It was the first time Joe had seen an Airbus A380.
    • The first time an Airbus A380 visited Boston Logan airport was in January 2017.[1]
  • Assuming Joe was six years old in January 2017, we can infer that he was 20 years old in October 2030.

Timeline Order

If you wish to listen to or read the ExForce series in the flow of the Timeline, follow these recommendations: