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Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson Wiki

United Nations Expeditionary Force or UNEF is Humanity's response to the alien threats of the galaxy.[1]

“Hell yes, man. They offered me big bucks for this patch.”

Jesse Colter[2]

After the events of ExForce 3: Paradise and ExForce 3.5: Trouble on Paradise UNEF became two distinct entities UNEF-Earth and UNEF-Paradise.


UNEF was formed due to the Columbus Day attack that crippled Earth's infrastructure. They were responsible for the drafting of soldiers from the USA, China, United Kingdom, France and India to fight for the Kristang.

General Meers is noted to have been in command of UNEF.

Journey from Earth

After being inducted into UNEF soldiers were made to take a Kristang physical then a journey on Earth's only Space Elevator in Ecuador.

The Rules of Engagement

UNEF introduce their troops to the Rules of Engagement using PowerPoint slides. All members were given zPhones to use for communications and interpretation purposes.

Camp Alpha

The Force that left Earth had consisted of about 120,000 people, with the USA and China contributing 35,000 combat troops each, and the United Kingdom, France and India providing 15,000 combat troops each.

The trip from Earth took seventeen days. Training on Camp Alpha was conducted over a three week period.

There was no space elevator at Camp Alpha, all journeys were taken by Surface To Orbit Craft (STOC).

Camp Alpha was the training ground of UNEF; War games were carried out their for training purposes and to get troops used to using their adapted ammunition and Zinger missiles.[3]


The trip from Camp Alpha to Paradise took sixteen days.

UNEF's role on Paradise was to facilitate the removal of its Ruhar populace and to be general peacekeepers. The main reason that this role fell to UNEF was due to a Prion based illness (created by a certain beer can)  that would only effect the Kristang.

Fortune cookies

It was during this time and shortly afterwards that UNEF begun to find fortune cookies hidden in their food shipments which describe the conditions of the Earth due to Kristang occupation. This would be the only way UNEF would receive communications from Earth that hadn't been censored.

"The fortune cookies told us conditions on Earth has become worse, much worse. The Kristang had taken over some of the best farmland across the planet, including vast areas of the American Midwest, to grow their crops and raise their food animals."[4]


After the Ruhar reoccupied Paradise UNEF became little more than farmers who grew their own crops to feed themselves as their only food source was cut off. Farm animals had been smuggled aboard the Kristang transports to help maintain a supply of protein.


UNEF-Paradise is the branch of UNEF which resides on Paradise since the wormhole shift. Notable members include Colonel Emily Perkins, Brigadier General Lynn Bezanson, and Major General Jeff Ross UNEF-Paradise is the mother organization of the Alien Legion, a group dreamed up by Perkins.